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Thread: Poll: RDS or Irons on your edc

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    Irons on my pair of 92 compacts, no plans to change.
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    I have a mix of irons and RDS. Currently carrying a USP9C with irons. I really want to find an RDS setup that feels realistic to me on the HK hammer guns. Though, I really don't like what I've seen of others' pics of various RDS setups for them. Usually either too high or too much width sticking out from the slide. I'm too used to Glocks with deep RDS cuts and no adapter plates that I really dislike the adapter/MOS type route.

    Something like an RMRcc seems like a better fit as far as width but, those also seem to have downsides. I just haven't seen anything yet that I'm willing to drop $1.8-2K on when all is said and done. At this point I'm pretty much dead set on sticking with LEM for EDC, so the choices are limited.

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    Glock 34 Gen 5, Aimpoint ACRO P2, x300u, and FCD/TD plate.

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    Pistols are all irons, all the time here. While I confess myself dot curious at times, the expense and hassle of converting dissuade me from any serious work.

    Dots on carbines, on the other hand, are just a different optic on my mostly optic equipped carbines and rifles and I am happy using them on the guns that have them.

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    I only have 3 handguns with optics but they all happen to be the 3 Iíve carried over the last several years: Gen3 G19 w/ Trijicon RMR, 43x w/ Holosun 507k, and a Gen5 G45 getting some ATEi love and an Aimpoint ACRO P2. I have a Gen5 G19 with Ameriglo Trooper irons and a Gen4 G17 with some vintage Redback One Enhanced Combat Sights (tritium still glows) that Iíll carry once in a blue moon but 99% of the time these last couple years my concealed carry gun has an optic milled into the slide (no MOS for me); at this point I donít see that changing. Iím not ignorant to the various problems that people report with their optics but Iíve been quite fortunate thus far with my pistol dots. If Iím ever forced to use a handgun defensively Iíd be more confident in my ability to prevail if my gun has a dot on top, particularly if the distances extend beyond 10 yards.

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    I bought a G19.5 MOS and tried but at this stage Iím most confident/competent with irons. I do see where if a 20something me had started out with RDS Iíd be Hell on Wheels instead of Heck on a Crutch.

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    I just havenít had the time or desire to pursue ďsomething newĒ in the past few years. I donít live fire that much anymore and have other priorities in my free time. When I do get to shoot my performance with irons has been pretty steady and hasnít declined to the extent I initially thought it would, so thereís that.

    That said, albeit in the wrong subforum, the announcement of the 856 TORO has been motivating in the RDS direction.

    The price and feedback about the GX3/GX4 guns is also interesting as a RDS introduction.
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    Glock 34.5 MOS, 509T, X300T, or a Glock 19.4 direct mill 507C are whatís on me 99% of the time. 1% is a Glock 26.4 with irons.

    Iíve got a couple iron sight guns still, two will stay irons for sentimental reasons, my 26 will stay irons for bulk, anything else either isnít carried, or just doesnít have a dot yet.

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    Rds on all of mine, I don't see a reason for me to ever shoot an irons only gun again. All of mine have trijicon rmr because that's what we were initially approved to carry off duty since it was being issued for duty. Daily carry is a g19 gen 5 direct milled with an RM07

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    I used to be irons only on my off duty guns but its just way to easy to make hits at distance with a dot, especially in low light. Over the years I have become comfortable with the dot and trust their reliability, especially when carried under a shirt IWB appendix.

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