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Thread: Poll: RDS or Irons on your edc

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    I compete with dots, I carry a red dot sight as my duty pistol, I like shooting dots better, and they allow you to be more accurate. And depending on your eyesight, they might allow you to be faster if you're one of those unlucky few who don't/can't see or track the iron sights. That being said, I like to have my CARRY gun be as compact, lightweight, and streamlined as possible because I don't like to live my life around my gun, I like my gun to be compatible with what I do, how I dress, and how I live. I don't want to keep track of batteries, check to see if the dot is on, change the illumination depending on what time it is (haven't found a single red dot that has an auto function I like, RMR does it the best though) deal with the extra snaggy and bulky suppressor height sights. I've had dots break, dots with wandering zeroes, dots die on me from a bad battery batch, and come lose despite being torqued to the correct force and degreased prior to installing with loctite (both the dot, and the plates). They don't allow me to shoot THAT MUCH better than my irons that I feel I'd be willing to put up with all those extra hassles and worries for the sake of a little extra performance.

    With an iron sighted DA/SA compact polymer pistol from concealment I can do a bill drill on demand from cold at around 2.10 seconds, all on the A zone. And I regularly work the B8 with it as well for longer shots without any problems. If that isn't enough, I need a rifle. It's personal preference though, as I'm sure everyone here knows, there's no right or wrong answer.

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    I think it is telling that we are already edging closer to 50/50. I like shooting dots because they do not strain my eyes the way irons do when Iím shooting groups at 25+ yards. I am currently carrying either a G26 with irons or P365XL with a Holosun 407k.

    I will need to see what the reliability looks like over an entire year (or more) before I make a complete switch to dots.

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    I voted: Cowboy Sights!

    My why... let me count the reasons. I think I have a few.

    1. Irons work for me. Close up and at distance. Posted this a while ago. I went shot for shot on a walk-back to 85 yards against a really good shooter with a RDS. On this target (I'll skip the big image. you can click.)

    I was shooting a 5" 1911 with my reloads and he had a G17 which was shooting flatter. I had to put my front sight just over the head to hit. I missed at 85 yards and he hit - contest over. Not scientific in any way but it's fair to say Irons Work!

    2. I don't want to break the bank outfitting all of my pistols with a RDS just to join the Cool Crowd. They are required accoutrements for cool guy status now, aren't they? Nor do I want to have some with and some without. I like uniformity.

    3. I don't want a mailbox/breadbox on my gun.

    4. I don't want to disfigure a sleek sexy 1911 for a RDS.

    5. RDS are not as reliable as Iron Sights. They break!

    6. Iron Sights don't glow through a light cover garment like a bright RDS will in a low light setting. I've seen it!

    7. When the technology evolves to the point where a RDS is a low profile unit with a glassless floating Red Dot (if ever) I'll consider it.

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