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Thread: Elite Shooting Sports Bought by Prince William Co Police

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    Yeah this sucks. I'm an annual member and it sucks to find out this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TGS View Post
    Thankfully another range just opened up in Ashburn, not far from Silver Eagle Group, though I guess that doesn't help you based on where you're at. I live pretty close to the NRA range, so I need to scout out XCAL and SEG to see if I want to shoot there vs NRA.

    I hate waiting, and I don't like the cramped feel of the NRA range. Ashburn isn't too far of a drive for me, I only live a few minutes from the 66/28 interchange.
    The Ashburn ranges are a hike for me, probably an hour+ in average traffic. In the last decade, I've been out that way maybe 5 times, most of those times in the last 6 months. Elite was literally 15 minutes from my house and with my work schedule I could go during their slow times and have no wait and be one of maybe 2-3 others on the range. Gonna miss that.

    I still have the IWLA, but it's Fudd central with the typical restrictions, but it'll do for basic sighting in and all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Outpost75 View Post
    Spend the weekend in WV and go to Shadow Hawk or Peacemaker.
    If I'm going to WV, I'll just go to my buddy's and shoot at his place. He has a 100yd range and no rules.


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    Kansas isn't completely backwards:
    Adding nothing to the conversation since 2015....

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    This sucks.

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    Elite Shooting Sports posted this on both Twitter and Facebook:

    "Elite Shooting Sports is grateful to every customer who made our facility their home over these last nine years. The decision to transition ownership was not easy. This outcome was determined by the failing health of the owner. Current operations will continue for several months."

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    I had sent an email a day or two ago and just got this response:

    Good Afternoon James,

    Yes, Elite Shooting Sports will be closing as of May 31, 2023.

    Your last payment for the annual monthly contract will be the end of March. You will still hold your annual monthly status until we officially close on May 31, 2023, at no additional fees.

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