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Thread: Henry homesteader 9mm semi auto

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    Henry homesteader 9mm semi auto

    This was a bit unexpected from Henry but I kinda dig it. Takes Glock mags (or 320, M&P) price isn’t bad either.
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    Good looking fuddwood furniture, accurate, nice trigger, *and* can be bought in a “Glock mag” configuration? Not bad.
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    I love this! Looks so retro!

    Doesn't the ghost ring seem to be occluded by the rail?
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    Damn, that's pretty cool actually

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    Oh. My.
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    I am kind of concerned that I like it as much as I do.
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    Its like a non-takedown Ruger PC9. Except more Fudd-ly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHC View Post
    I love this! Looks so retro!

    Doesn't the ghost ring seem to be occluded by the rail?
    I would venture a guess that the pic rail is removed in order to use irons.
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    I admit, this is the second thread recently that I read the title and clicked on expecting to hate the gun in question, and wound up not entirely hating.

    Would be interested to see how the mag changes actually work. Particularly since my use-case for something like this would be a 50-state(ish) gun with 10-round G26 mags.
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