View Poll Results: How do you carry your EDC flashlight?

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  • Loose in a pocket

    38 32.76%
  • Clipped inside a pocket (pocket clip on light)

    68 58.62%
  • On the belt in a pouch or carrier

    6 5.17%
  • Other (please identify)

    4 3.45%
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Thread: EDC Flashlight Carry

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    I carry in my front left pocket with a Thyrm Switchback. Easy access and I have retention as soon as I get it out of my pocket.

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    Unless I am doing something outdoorsy, I dislike clips being visible on the outside of the pocket. So the light is either entirely within the pocket (sometimes using a pocket organizer), or Iíll clip it to the inside of my waistband or Enigma belt.

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    I carry three accessible lights and I have a small AAA light in a pouch on my Engima belt. I have a Malkoff Bodyguard(non rechargeable battery I replace once a year) on my left side attached to a belt loop. Itís set up for quick deployment, if needed. I donít use it for daily activities. I carry an old 4sevens ďsmartĒ Quark(rechargeable battery) on my right side. Itís attached with a carabiner. It is for daily activities. I carry a copper Lumintop fw3a(rechargeable battery) in a Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed pouch on my belt over my right hip. Itís for daily activities and it is set to muggle mode. It only comes on when the button is pushed and held. It has the Anduril UI and does all kinds of cool things but I donít use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BN View Post
    Poll needs the option for multiple answers.

    I answered loose in a pocket but sometimes I have a second light clipped to a pocket.

    Yep, same here. Usually loose in the pocket, but sometimes clipped. Usually avoid clipped for the lower profile. Sometimes 2 lights, 1 loose in pocket, 1 clipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BN View Post
    Poll needs the option for multiple answers.

    I answered loose in a pocket but sometimes I have a second light clipped to a pocket.
    My typical day has my primary light clipped to my pocket, backup light on my key ring, and 1 or 2 smart phones that have a flashlight feature somewhere on my person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NH Shooter View Post
    How do you carry your EDC light?

    For me, it's option 1 - loose in a pocket.

    I chose "Other", because most of the time it is basically somewhere AIWB. Although I will admit that lately, since starting Daddy leave, I'm rolling with just a little Rovyvon in the watch pocket of jeans/chinos, and perfectly happy.
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    I usually have a AA Powertac Valor clipped to the top of my left pocket and a County Comm AA Maratac copper light floating around in my left pocket along with a four pack of Eneloop AA batteries. The Valor is for when I want lotsa light quick, the County Comm is for more leisurely use.

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    I carry a Streamlight Protac HLX with Thyrm Switchback in the left front pocket. I'm a large human so I get away with larger EDC items than most would want to deal with. I love the switchback and it's a requirement for me now that a flashlight support it. I carry with a TLR-7 so it's not the light activation in a shooting grip that makes me demand it. It's the flashlight retention and quick deployment as an impact tool. There has been more than one occasion where I was not able to carry my pistol but I grabbed my flashlight when I felt threatened. I also prefer it to a fixed blade knife as a defensive tool because I'm not convinced making an attacker leak fluid all over me is better than the hard impact of metal on flesh.

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    SF Stiletto Pro clipped in support side pocket when not at work, occasionally the SF Tactician with clicky tail cap

    At work, Streamlight Strion HL DS on vest, support side, and Cloud Defensive MCH clipped in my front pocket, haven't found the right carrier for it. The Cloud has become primary light at work with current assignment, other than 2 bad batteries, which they replaced, it's been a good light so far. Was not sure at first on the Cloud batteries, as I was used to Streamlight where yout throw it on the charger and forget about it and they last a long time on a charge.

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    Usually, clipped inside a pocket, with the clip being on the light. That is the poll choice I selected. Occasionally, it will be loose in a pocket, or, carried in a dedicated sheath or pouch. Occasionally, ďOther,Ē such as on a lanyard.
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