View Poll Results: How do you carry your EDC flashlight?

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  • Loose in a pocket

    38 32.76%
  • Clipped inside a pocket (pocket clip on light)

    68 58.62%
  • On the belt in a pouch or carrier

    6 5.17%
  • Other (please identify)

    4 3.45%
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Thread: EDC Flashlight Carry

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    Tactical Nobody Guerrero's Avatar
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    Streamlight 1L-1AA clipped in/to my right front pocket.
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    Loose or in/on a pocket shield.

    I try to avoid visible clips.
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    I carry smaller a light than most. I have an old 47s bolt action 2 AAA battery light that I carry most often.

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    Actual every day is a Microstream USB clipped to right hip pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guerrero View Post
    Streamlight 1L-1AA clipped in/to my right front pocket.
    This light, left front pocket clipped, or left cargo, depending on atire, and whether a BUG is in play (would be in left front pocket).

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    Surefire Stilletto Pro clipped on to my left pocket. I also carry a Streamlight Protac 1L that I keep in a fanny pack.

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    A good pocket clip is essential for my carry method. The light goes in the corner of my left back pocket (or in the side knife pocket of some pants). A folding knife is clipped in the left front pocket, and when I'm carrying it, OC spray is clipped in the right front pocket. Nothing "useful" goes inside pockets, except occasionally a p380 in the right pocket.

    I stopped carrying Surefire lights because the pocket clip kept catching on stuff and getting bent. The Malkoff clip on my 16340 BGv.2 works much better.
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    I carry a Surefire Backup MV clipped to my left rear pocket all day everyday. At night it is clipped to the waistband of my jammies.
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    My ultimate preference is to use a horizontal belt holster as close to 12:00 as possible which allows nearly instant access by either hand. Unfortunately this option only really works with a tucked-in shirt and not carrying AIWB. I say tucked shirt because when untucked the light creates an unexplained bulge under the shirt that could be mistaken for a gun and I'm not a fan of printing with or without a gun.

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    Pocket clip for me in the left front pocket. I like easy and consistent access.

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