View Poll Results: How do you carry your EDC flashlight?

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  • Loose in a pocket

    38 32.76%
  • Clipped inside a pocket (pocket clip on light)

    68 58.62%
  • On the belt in a pouch or carrier

    6 5.17%
  • Other (please identify)

    4 3.45%
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Thread: EDC Flashlight Carry

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    Right front pocket has a pocket shield holding a Spyderco Rescue Jr, Knipex mini-plier in a BFG ten speed pistol pouch, Stiletto Pro, and a "my bad $20".

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    I carry a ProTac 1L inside my left pocket since POM OC is clipped on that pocket.
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    Modlite handheld is in a Rosen SOS. A Microstream is clipped on my pants.

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    I’ve been carrying a 300 lumen Energizer, I picked up 6 of them for stocking stuffers for Christmas. It’s quite handy they come with a CR123 and cost $12at Walmart. They are hi/low/strobe lights.

    I’m mentioning this because I’ve found it quite useful the last week or so as a headlamp clipped to a hat brim. I really like the two way clip and I don’t think I can go back to a one way clip. Power went out last night at around 8pm, and getting the generator going at 3am, I found the headlamp very useful.

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    I have a Surefire Stiletto clipped to raven pocket shield. I also have a Surefire titan on my keychain.

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    95/100 times my illumination needs are resolved with the phone that’s almost always in my hand anyway. So, ‘other,’ I guess.

    I also have lights all over the place, bags and door pockets of the cars and stuff like that.
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    I always have a slim one clipped to my pocket, and if I’ll be out after dark I often also have a brighter one in hand (with a finger O-ring) or loose in a jacket pocket.

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    I carry a Streamlight Microstream on my wallet.

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    I carry a briefcase every day for work, Streamlight Wedge lives in there. I've been planning on picking up a Stylus for my suit jacket pen pocket, and probably something cheap to leave in my glovebox.

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