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Thread: Massad Ayoob in Mississippi for MAG40 and MAG120

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    Massad Ayoob in Mississippi for MAG40 and MAG120

    Massad Ayoob will be back at Boondocks FTA™ in central Mississippi this Spring. His current schedule is below.

    MAG20 - March 30-31 - Armed Citizen Rules of Engagement Classroom.

    MAG20 Live Fire - April 1-2 - a two day, 20-hour immersion course in the use of the defensive handgun under extreme stress.

    MAG40 (MAG 20 + MAG 20 Live Fire) March 30 - April 2 - is a combined 2-days classroom + 2-days Live Fire.

    MAG120 - April 3-7 - includes: “outer limits” exercises of advanced combat handgun skill…advanced combat shotgun…introduction to assault rifle and submachine gun…ambidextrous shooting skill…shooting under extreme pressure…advanced subtleties of self-protection both on the street and in the courtroom. Full certification in weapon retention and Kuboton/Persuader are included. Ideal for the instructor or future instructor. 40 hrs. Submachine guns will be available depending on location.
    Register for MAG120 HERE

    Visit Boondocks Event Page for more information

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    I've taken a number of classes at Boondocks, including MAG40 a couple of years ago. The facilities and staff are excellent. They have an indoor classroom and a wonderful outdoor covered range. I highly recommend the class and Boondocks.

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