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Thread: Strategos Intruder Awareness and Response for Church Personnel, Winston Salem, Apr 1

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    Strategos Intruder Awareness and Response for Church Personnel, Winston Salem, Apr 1

    This is the one-day version of their church security class. I've been keen to take it for awhile now and am looking forward to this! It's about $166 counting the fee.

    Class Description:

    Many churches have taken comfort in the thought that “it could never happen here.” But headlines and a steadily-growing body of statistical evidence demonstrate that violence in faith-based organizations is not an if, but a when.

    This course will educate you on recognizing behavioral pre-cursors because knowing someone's body language is many times a sign of nefarious intentions or actions to come. Also, the behavioral indicators of armed individuals whether they are lawfully armed or unlawfully armed will be covered in great detail.

    A review of statistics and trends of crimes against churches since 2007 is conducted, and the justification of safety & security within the church complete with biblical authority is reviewed and discussed. A de-brief of several in-progress crimes against persons at churches and church events for lessons learned and historical trends are covered as well.

    A discussion and practical training block on “the art of the handshake” and the “technique” of the handshake will be presented. Discussion and demonstration on distancing and closing strategies for those approaching and evaluating potentially armed individuals, in a welcoming and hospitable manner, so that the church mission is not compromised will be presented as well.

    Additionally, this course provides strategies for de-escalating conflict from a verbal point of view and covers what phrases and language to avoid to prevent a conflict from escalating. An overview of lockdown procedures for both “THREAT INSIDE” and “THREAT OUTSIDE” lockdown of a church facility as well as protocols for what to do when “lockdown fails” will be taught, should verbal de-escalation not be an option.

    I'm not a Strategos rep or an alumnus of their classes, so I really only know what I've read in the description, but to me part of the reason I wanted to take this class rather than one of the many active shooter-based church security classes is that this one seems far more broadly applicable. I mean, I'm a big fan of active shooter training, and I don't mean to downplay it. But it's a pretty low-likelihood event, really. Whereas this class seems to be focused not so much on the psychopath who just walks in and starts shooting, but rather on the much more high-likelihood events like a bad domestic situation that is getting blown up in church, or whatever. I'm intrigued by the art of the handshake stuff, and very eager to do some de-escalation work. I've done MUC-type stuff with Douglas and Haggard and Murphy (oh my), but I wouldn't consider that typical de-escalation, especially not in a church setting.

    Anyway, I'm excited about this one and will post an AAR.
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    I’ve taken two of their classes, one being a 2 day shooting class, and was happy with both. The instructors were top notch.

    It’s been a few years but it was well worth what they charged.


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