A blinding, high-candela light is obviously painful to use as an administrative light. Since the EDCLB "fight lights" are single output, I decided to experiment with different configurations for an "administrative" light.

I believe an admin light should have the following qualities;

  1. An easy-on-the-eyes beam that is suitable for arm's length work. A broad, low-candela flood beam with decent color rendering (high CRI) is ideal.
  2. Small and easy to carry, a sturdy pocket clip a plus
  3. The ability to run equally well on a CR123 battery as a Li-ion rechargeable cell

The E1 Admin uses a 3-mode Lumens Factory triple-LED head with a TIR optic to spread out the light to a pleasant, low-candela beam. Its 3-mode operation is controlled by the switch, with a memory function that returns the light to the last output used if left off for more than two seconds.

The body is the excellent Malkoff MDC unshrouded body with a robust .055" thick pocket clip made of 410 Stainless Steel that has been hardened, tempered, and powder coated with a matte black finish. The unshrouded body allows easy access to the switch without being prone to accidental activation if carried in a pocket.

I've been carrying one for about a week with my E2HT 18350 Dagger and find it serves the general/administrative purpose very well. I run mine on a 16340 700mAh flat top cell, and based on my use I can go a few weeks bewteen recharging. A 1600mAh CR123 will provide double the run time.

More info on the E1 Adin can be found here.

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