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Thread: Fundamental Revolver Skills, Sep 16-17th Culpepper, VA w/Caleb Giddings

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    Fundamental Revolver Skills, Sep 16-17th Culpepper, VA w/Caleb Giddings

    Hey guys, so last December I had my pilot class Fundamental Revolver Skills at Dallas Pistol Club; it was a success so this year I'm expanding to at least 2 classes. The first one I have scheduled will be hosted by Green Ops training in Culpepper, VA. You can sign up at this link:

    Fundamental Revolver Skills

    Some of the topics covered in class include:
    • The u-shaped revolver utility curve
    • pros and cons of a revolver as a primary gun
    • optimal trigger pull for a revolver
    • reloading and types of reloads
    • why revolvers make you more desirable to people of your sexual preference
    • revolvers in competition enviroments
    • revolvers in concealed carry environments

    Cost is $500 for two days of training. The course is suitable for people with little to no skill with revolvers and want to learn more (the revolver curious, as it were) all the up to hard core revolver degenerates like myself.

    Feel free to ask questions here or slide into those DMs
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    This is a really fun class!

    I was lucky enough to slither my way into the pilot class. Caleb covers a lot of really good info, and presents in an an accessible manner. He's a patient teacher that delights in his student's success.

    And let me tell you, the qual he had us try at the end of the class was no joke. It was a lot of fun, too!

    I would recommend anyone take this who is interested in increasing their pistol skills. It's good for someone fresh from the autoloader world, or someone with years of experience running a wheelgun.

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    I need to take this as a refresher before Revolver Round Up!

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