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Thread: Is there an OWB holster for a Glock 30 with an Acro P2 and Surefire x300 light?

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    You can try OTG Hex, they do fairly custom work (they were able to make a holster for me, for crying out loud), and your combo appears to be supported by their menu choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snidely Whiplash View Post
    It looks like thereís nothing on the market like what Iím looking for.
    Could you describe what holster type/features you are looking for? Is there a holster that you like that may just not cover the G30 so we can have a point of reference?

    Another option Cleveland Kydex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Default.mp3 View Post
    You can try OTG Hex,
    Quote Originally Posted by JTQ View Post
    Thank you both! Looking into these options now.

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    As much for my own future reference Iíll follow up with another option:

    I really appreciate the help and suggestions from everyone. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snidely Whiplash View Post
    The new gun bug has bitten and Iíd really like to get a Glock 30. I need to be able to carry it as a CCW so I need an OWB holster that will accommodate an Aimpoint Acro P2 and a Surefire x300 weapon light. I contacted JMCK and they donít make one.

    Any suggestions?
    Not sure why Glock didn't make the Glock 30 just a shorter Glock 21, but they didn't. Would've made life a lot simpler.

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    Tenicor makes a fantastic OWB holster for Surefire X300 (ARX Sol) but G30 is a no go.

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    Black Rhino makes one

    Black Rhino makes the TCS. The kydex is folded over to cover the lens of the light, so it looks different than the usual light holster which is open at the bottom (the slide portion is open).

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