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Thread: Pressure Testing reloads PCB PIEZOTRONICS?

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    Pressure Testing reloads PCB PIEZOTRONICS?

    I am interested in doing a deep dive into reloading the "38" family of pistol rounds. As I start to futz around with the loadings I realize that need to be able to have real pressure data and not just rely on what the cases look like. I was doing some research on my options and I came across PCB Piezotronics. I haven't called them yet to get a quote on the product, but I was hoping that in the deep well of PF there has been someone who has used it.

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    I think that "PressureTrace" might be more along the lines of what you're looking for:

    The PCB Piezotronics stuff looks more professional grade, in that there would be more modifications needed to your guns, and PressureTrace already has its software out there.

    I've used PressureTrace in the past, but that was over a decade ago, and I'm not currently aware of what the real state of the art looks like today.

    Totally agreed that pressure data for ammunition loading is useful stuff.
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    I can only image how much that will cost. It looks like you will have to use special test barrels for it and a shooting fixture to use it.

    Like @Bergeron said, take a look at Pressure Trace System.

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