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    Email Notifications

    OK I'm stumped. I updated my email since I noticed that I still had my old email setup which I can no longer use. That all worked out fine. Now I'm getting notifications for about every interaction under the sun.

    Somebody likes a post...Email notification.

    Somebody quotes one of my posts...Email notification.

    And so it goes. Do I have to unsubscribe to all of my subscribed threads? It looks like to me this shouldn't be happening? I've not found any other email notification settings. What am I missing?

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    Update your thread subscriptions so that they don't email you.

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    Not the same issue but

    I changed the subscription to the brace amnesty thread from instant to daily email about a week ago and haven't received a single daily mail. Still getting mail for the instant so I don't think it's a mail issue on my side.

    Just reset it to daily and now that I've posted here, I'm sure it'll work just fine

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