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Thread: BJJ and CGM (continuous glucose monitor)

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    BJJ and CGM (continuous glucose monitor)

    Does anyone have experience with BJJ while wearing a CGM (continuous glucose monitor)?

    Iím considering running a CGM (for science) and the only possible problem I see is it getting removed or damaged while training.

    David S.

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    I train with a fella who is diabetic and wears one on his triceps area. I recall his coming out a few times and him being frustrated. But he said it wasnít that big of a deal. He said he was going to experiment with different areas. He got busy and hasnít been at the gym in a while.

    Which one are you getting? How without a prescription? Iím interested in the idea also.

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    Iím not aware of any. A student or training partner may have had one, but it was never mentioned or an issue so I canít know for sure
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    Another RN I worked with had one and it constantly got pulled off during restraints. He tried different spots but nothing seemed to work.

    I think you'd have to duct tape it on.
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