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Thread: Hand and grip size, am I overthinking things?

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    I found that kydex holster material works well to increase a grip size. Similar to fuedist's strip of leather, get a piece of .100" or .125" thick kydex and cut it to the same width (or slightly more) as the backstrap. Heat it w/ a hair drier until it softens and mold it over the backstrap wearing gloves. Now finish the edges so it is just slightly under width. Use no-slip stair tape slipped under the grip panels to hold it in place. This is what I did to my Beretta 92X Defensive to make the straight backstrap similar to the curved version.
    20220923_083817 by craig stuard, on Flickr
    To increase the entire grip length just make the kydex piece long enough to go from top to bottom. You can also just use the tape. Cut so you have 2-3-4 layers on the frame and then make the top layer wider so it can slip under the grip panels. A little hair drier heat helps shape the tape and seems to kind of set the sticky a little more permanently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleGabby View Post
    Before my daughter was born and I had more time to shoot I put 5000+ rounds in one year through a couple of HK P2000 pistols. I know that is a tiny number compared to most posters here, but it was about 4900 more than most of the gun nuts that I know shoot in a year, and thatís when a lot of things clicked for me with pistol shooting. I loved that pistol for the XL grips. I have large hands with extra long fingers. The large backstrap on the P2000 felt good, and I used that for a while, but I tried the XL grips and though they felt awkward, I really liked the way my finger interacted with the trigger through the entire length of pull, and the grip had plenty of open room for my support hand. This was four years ago, before I found pistol-forum, so I was groping about in the dark on my own.

    I moved on from the P2000 because optic mounting is an expensive proposition with that platform, so Iím trying to like Glocks. Iím still a novice, but figuring out how to properly judge the suitability of a grip for me was a huge step. If the grip doesnít fit nothing else matters. Itís like a nice pair of running shoes, it doesnít matter what theyíre made of, or who else wears them, if they donít fit your feet itís not going to work. It actually helps me handle the occasional case of new gun lust. I can fondle it for a few minutes at the store and tell if itís going to work for me or not.

    Iím sure more skilled and experienced shooters can find ways to work around an ill sized grip, but my resources, especially time, are very limited, so I make the most out of what fits me.
    I understand what you are saying. I have bigger hands and there are some pistols that just donít fit. Some like the P2K you mentioned, P30, PX4, etc have grips that can be added to to make the overall size larger but it doesnít always lead to a ďfitĒ. Ultimately, there is a ton of trial and error that goes into finding the Goldilocks fit. In my experience with 9mm pistols, there are one or two guns out there that will really fit the individual well. I work in a Glock dominated world. I learned to work with the 22.3 and the 17.4. I am currently issued a G45 and it is a better fit than its predecessors. A 26.5 is my go to when not at work. The 26 of any generation is a better fit for me that any of the G19. The full sized Glocks that fit my hand right and are easiest to grip right every time are the .45 ACP guns. The 21/30 SF and the gen 4 guns are like they were made for my hand. I am looking forward to shooting the gen 5 versions. If the GMB makes an already very accurate gun more accurate, I will have a quandary.

    P2K was close with the medium backstrap. Size wise, the L was better but the location of the hump made trigger reach awkward. I tried the P30 and found that it was able to be made to fit but the rounded contour of the side panels made tracking the front sight more difficult. P07, PX4CC, PX4 full-size, and Beretta 92 Full-size fit me perfectly. The best of the bunch in my hand is the PX4 full-size. ButÖ I live in a plastic, striker-fired world.

    Iím currently messing with a PDP compact. It id checking a few boxes that the Glocks do not as far as fit. It is optics ready. LTT has cracked the optics mount code for the 92/PX4 guns might be worth a look. I think there are some optics ready, reliable pistols out there. Certainly one will fit you. Remember though, there needs to be holster, sight, factory support too. Glock is the easy button as far as support but the others are not too far behind. Beretta and HK (contrary to gun forum lore) offer great support. Some of the PF supporting businesses offer superb holster choices for the ďother than GlockĒ pistols.

    I think the only way to find the right one is to well, FAFO.

    Merry Christmas!
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    Similar situation. I don't think I have XL hands but I have weird ET/Quasimodo fingers and I need releatate to wrap them around.

    Kinda hard to explain without showing but....
    For instance, I cannot make a flat fist. My first two fingers stick way out. For this reason I use the very front of my finger to pull the trigger and there needs to be something to fill all that space in between.

    Ideal grips are G20, Sig226, Beretta 92. G19 is good but my support hand begins to sit on top of my fingers from the grip hand instead of on the grip. Anything with a G19 size grip I prefer to use the biggest back strap.

    Sometimes a small gun actually works but it's on a case by case basis. For example, Sig365/XL was overall too small and narrow. I could never grip it comfortably or index properly and there was always empty space and the pistol would move around when shooting. Similar situation with most J frames. However the slightly larger Hellcat PRO is a world of difference. It's overall large enough that I can grip comfortably, index properly and not have to readjust after every shot.

    I've long ago come to the conclusion that I have to dress around a full (duty) size gun and that's basically what I do. Up until the Hellcat PRO my smallest lightest daily carry was G19

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    I edc a 9mm Glock, but if I had to...had to...take a hostage shot with a pistol, I'd choose my G20.3. That big ol' grip just does something.

    *Wear XL gloves, mainly because my early-primate thumbs are stoopid long.

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    Reading through this thread makes me really glad I am not a product engineer for a pistol manufacturer. So many now have changeable back straps which is a huge advancement, but we can see here that even those leave some hands lacking a great grip. I am also glad I enjoy tinkering. The first 4-5 weeks after I bought the Beretta shown above I was really worried. It is by far the most expensive gun I have ever bought and I was afraid I would have to sell it because of the grip.

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    My personal protocol in empirically determining the ideal grip configuration/size for a given gun is to start out with the process laid out in

    "With an unloaded gun, look at a defined target with the pistol at your chest prior to press-out;
    Close your eyes, and, keeping them closes,
    Press out the pistol to your natural extended shooting position.
    Open eyes and see where the front sight is vertically-if the front sight is too low, install a larger backstrap and re-test; if the front sight is too high, install a smaller backstrap and re-test.
    Ultimately, you want the front and rear sights aligned naturally on the target after press-out."

    If there adjustable side panels, use the ones that best fill your hand, and/or adjust for windage or cant. You may well find that an asymmetric side panel selection works the best. Similarly, don't assume that the size of the best backstrap dictates the size for the panels-experiment, dryfire, live fire, adjust. Do so on each individual platform-don't assume that the best selections on one platform will naturally transfer over to similar platforms.

    For others, positioning of the trigger finger on the trigger will be the crucial variable-find out what works for you empirically, per gun.

    E.g. on my HKs, my P30L performs best with a Small backstrap and Large left and right panels; my VP40 is best with a Small backstrap, Large left panel, and Small right panel. While the frames are similar between the 2 guns, the VP40 has a deeper tang backstrap curvature, which affects the side panel selection-at least for me.

    Best, Jon
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    Grip material can also have an effect, sometimes seemingly counterintuitive. For example, I've found that for my hands, my Gen 3 Glocks (including, much to my surprise, my G21 Gen 3 "Big Butt") really benefit from adding Hogue's HandAll Beavertail grip sleeve. These are much more tightly molded than their previous HandAlls, and have a very beneficial effect on my index, firing grip and control, as well as recoil absorption.

    Similarly, I've found that on 1911s, VCD's grips with their aggressive texturing not only assist with control, but really marginalize the need for front strap checkering (not rendering it inadvisable, but just less necessary).

    And similarly on my .40 High Power with as set of RDIH polymer tactical fingergroove grips, with VCD stippling:

    For revolvers, the shape, aesthetics and ergonomics of VZ's G10 grips are exquisite, but they'll transfer pretty much every iota of recoil forces directly to your palm, making it somewhat painful to shoot more than 30 or so full-house 158 gr .357 magnums-for me, that makes them a 2-cylinder proposition, or used with .38 Special cartridges...

    Far better overall results are achieved with a set of Hogue Tamer grips for shooting magnum loads; they're arguably aesthetically challenged, but the recoil absorbing sorbathane insert in the rear tang definitely works, allowing comfortable firing of extended amounts (50+ rounds in a session, for example) of full house magnum cartridges. Their profile is revised as well, making them slightly less angular and bulky than their non-Tamer Hogue brethren:

    Additionally, well shaped and executed wood grips can be of great utility, as I've found with BH Spring Solutions' grips:

    The vestigial thumb shelf on them I find to provide a superior grip, especially noticeable when shooting support-hand only;

    Best, Jon
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInWA View Post
    Similarly, I've found that on 1911s, VCD's grips with their aggressive texturing not only assist with control, but really marginalize the need for front strap checkering (not rendering it inadvisable, but just less necessary).

    Best, Jon
    I just realized (2 nights ago) there were different sized mainspring housings for 1911s and 2011s. I see you have both flat and arched. Makes no difference for you?

    Dawson sells an Arched MSH for the 2011 but its sold out. Ordered the Wedge MSH to see how that feels.

    Seems like I ran down this path with the Beretta 92X. A smaller dude like myself (medium gloves) would like the Vertec slim grip... nope. I installed the humped grips and that was much better for me.

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    How do M&P 2.0ís fit?
    David S.

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    My glove size is 2xl.

    @4RNR I have found the same differences between the 365 and Hellcat. The stock grip on the 365 is uncomfortably too small.

    @David S. I have a 2.0 Compact 4Ē. The M grip is too small. The L grip adaptor with beavertail fits me well. Same thing, L grip adaptor, with PX4 and G19 Gen5.

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