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Thread: See what you need to see training.

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    Translating SWYNTS into match performance.

    Never saw the dot on the 3 yard target because it wasn’t necessary. 2 alphas stacked on each other.
    Immediate transition to far target that required more vision. Took more time to settle dots.

    Appropriate vision for appropriate target difficulty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Lehr View Post
    Not who you were talking to, but the other day while I was at the range I timed myself using hand in pocket with my grip as established on the LCP Max as my holster allowed.

    What I decided was that I need to get sights for the pistol, I spent too much time finding the sights in the sun. Also had to finish establishing master grip as drawing.

    As you can see I cant shoot for beans but run between 2:14 and 2.95

    Attachment 109238 Attachment 109239 Attachment 109240 Attachment 109241

    I split this off to here because I feel that SWYNTS could really help you.

    From your pocket draw photos and times, it seemed to me that you currently have basically one draw and one sight confirmation level in your bag. It's roughly a SWYNTS 10 yard that you apply with minor adjustment rather than working on truly different sight confirmation for different distances.

    I'm basing that off your draw times and the spread of shots on the targets at different distances.

    Ideally, the diameter of shot spread would stay CONSTANT at different distances as you scale your vision and mechanics.

    If the close target spread gets small and the far target widens out... then you're basically using a version of the medium vision everywhere.

    To put it in numbers:

    Say I have a SWYNTS 10 yard in my bag. It's a medium vision confirmation requirement. It's about 50:50 predictive and reactive (@clusterfrack) because I'm slowing down the mechanics so I can predict the sight path more easily but I still have a little ability to adjust / react to the path to time trigger.

    If I pick a goal diameter spread of shots (say 8 inches)... what happens if I use pretty much the same mechanics at 5 yards?

    If I don't change my vision / mechanics then the 5 yard target spread becomes 4 inches (which is what happened to your close target).

    If I use the same mechanics at 20 yards then it becomes a 16 inch spread (which is what happened to your far target).

    If you only have one tool in your bag (which is what most shooters have) then all the tactics are slaved to that one tool with minor plus/minus adjustment.

    If you train SWYNTS then you'll get 3 tools in your bag and if you go back and see some of the people's progress in the training you can see that the diameter of shot spread stays roughly at the 8" diameter as they scale their vision / mechanics to distance.

    That's why I like a 6 MOA reticle. It lets me auto scale my vision because the dot scales distance. Basically if I can visually keep the edges of the 6 MOA dot inside a target border by at least 3-6 MOA then I know I'll stay within the area I'm aiming at.

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