I had a great day today shooting our December Steel Challenge match at the Cactus Match League in Phoenix. Normally I shoot RFPO but decided to take off my C-More Red Dot and put a Green Fiber Optic front sight on my Black Mamba with a Volquartsen Adjustable rear sight.

I also put a new set of Herrett grips on the gun. The fill my hands better than the StonerCNC grips I normally shoot with. The bigger advantage was that my hands did not slip while shooting adding to my better times.

I was put into the wrong division, RFRI but would have won that and RFPI so it didnít make a difference in match results but my classification will be wrong next month. I followed one of the old proís and picked up a few pointers on how to shoot the various stages faster. For the first time doing it that way I was happy, improving on a number of stages. My 5 to Go was much better than my average and so was my Outer Limits. I Smoked Roundabout and Smoke and Hope wear all my three of my 5 runs were under 3 seconds. Not great for others but Iím happy.

I felt very comfortable shooting Iron Sights. I was only six seconds behind my Open average. Most of that was because I was hitting high and had to adjust my aiming point. Once I started shooting at the bottom of the plates I only had 3 misses for the rest of the match.

We Arizonans were all wearing heavy jackets in the 40+ degree weather. I noticed a new shooter with shorts and a short sleave shirt. Had to be from a colder area and found out he was from Canada. He thought the 40s and 50s of the day was a heat wave. Name:  Iron Sights Herret Grips Facing Left.jpg
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