So as a last ditch effort before breaking down and buying a MGW, I decided to try one last cheap option:

$41 delivered. I tried it just now to remove the front on my SA Garrison. Dang if it didn't come right out. The threaded rod is 16 tpi, ok so not quite as buttery smooth as the MGW (24), but it's not a couple hundred bucks, either. Setup is a little fiddly, but the tool is surprisingly easy to use (definitely easier than my other one.)

The primary reason I bought this one is that the pusher block is formed into a much smaller "beak", so that it fits specifically into front sight dovetails. The other side of the block has a 45 cut. The tool is pretty robust. The mechanism works ok after a bit of oil and working it back and forth.

I mocked this picture without a front, so you could see where it slides across the dovetail.

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