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Thread: Immediate Action Combatives, Cecil Burch, Fredericksburg VA 10-12 Feb

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    Immediate Action Combatives, Cecil Burch, Fredericksburg VA 10-12 Feb

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    I am hosting the inestimable Cecil Burch at the Renegade Sports Gym in Fredricksburg, VA 10-12 February. This is Cecil's signature course, and starts with a 4 hour block Friday evening, and then two full days over the weekend.

    Course Content

    This course is designed to give the layman a realistic and functional set of concepts, techniques, methodologies, training drills and experiences that will prepare them for a worst case grappling scenario. All techniques and concepts are high percentile applications which span a wide spectrum of confrontations. Training consists of presentation, drilling and Force-On-Force evolutions providing attendees with immediate feedback regarding the efficacy of the skills learned. The goal of this course is not to create a “ground fighter” or grappler. The objective is to provide attendees who have limited training time and resources with solid ground survival and escape fundamentals geared toward the increasingly violent weapon based environments they may live, work and/or travel within. And all techniques/concepts are from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Boxing and are combat proven over the past 80 years by thousands and thousands of practitioners, including the U.S. Army.

    These methods are for everyone regardless of physical condition – young, old, male, female, athlete or not – You DO NOT have to be a professional fighter to perform at a functional level. This will be a class about physical training, but it is NOT boot camp. Participants may go at the pace that is comfortable for them, while trying to push the envelope of their own individual performance.

    Requirements: loose, comfortable but durable clothes, mouthpiece, cup, notebook, and an open mind. Boxing or MMA gloves are strongly encouraged, but are not mandatory. Blue Guns and matched holsters, and training knives are a good idea, but there will be loaners available.

    Surviving/defending/escaping from the bottom

    Getting back to your feet / staying upright

    Defending against strikes on the ground or clinch

    Denying the attacker weapon access – understanding technique, positional hierarchy, and timing

    Proper role of “dirty tactics”

    Multiple opponents

    Essential training principles, methods, and drills

    Underlying concepts and mindset for the clinch in a self-defense context

    Dealing with the sucker punch/ambush

    Fundamentals of the clinch

    Controlling the entanglement

    Disengaging and making distance for escape, weapons access or orientation reset

    Cost is a very reasonable $450.

    Register here!

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    This is a fantastic course that just about everyone needs to take.

    Matt Haught
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    Quote Originally Posted by LHS View Post
    This is a fantastic course that just about everyone needs to take.
    This. Highest recommendation.
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