Two years after first asking about getting started in reloading, with tons of good advice from this forum, including a member who offered to let me come try out his press (unfortunately he's in another state), and another who spent over an hour on the phone advising me, I'm on final approach, and should be loading rounds after the holidays.

These are general reloading items I have already:
1. Components (Federal GM100 SPP, Winchester 231 powder, and lots of once fired Winchester, Federal, and Hornady cases, and Iím about to order some Blue Bullets 135gr TC bullets)
2. FART Lite (I've cleaned about 15K once fired cases in the last year and a half, and have another 10K uncleaned once fired cases)
3. Case Dryer
4. Scale (a Lee beam scale, and a National Metallic digital scale)
5. Calipers
6. Sturdy bench, and Inline Fabrication Quick Change bench plate, with the spacer (I might mount it flush later, but I'm leery of my skill with a router, and don't want to ruin my table)
7. RCBS Lockout die
8. Lee undersize sizing/depriming die
9. DAA/Lee 2-in-1 seat/crimp die
10. 6 Hornady Sure-Loc rings
11. Lyman and Hornady load data books, along with the load data info from the Blue Bullets website
13. Primer flip tray

These are the press specific items recently delivered, or on their way, from the recent BF/CM deals:
1. Hornady Lock-n-Load AP Press - I was all set to get a Square Deal B, but the Brownells LNL-AP sale price, along with the their BF/CM discounts, was too good a deal to pass up. Total cost, not including sales tax, was $460. At that price, if my calculations were correct, I can set up the LNL-AP for slightly more than the SDB would have cost.
2. Hornady #8 Shell Plate for 9mm
3. Spent Primer bottle
4. DAA PTX funnel
5. Inline Fabrication QC mount for the LNL-AP (I'll be loading in the garage, but storing the press inside to mitigate rust)
6. Inline Fabrication Skylight
7. Extra SPP pick up tubes

The plan right now is to start with one station empty, and add a bullet feeding die once I get comfortable with the process.

I think that's what I'll need to get started, but any advice you all can provide is greatly appreciated.

Here are things I hope to add over time:
1. Hundo case gauge (Iíll use a spare G19 barrel at first)
2. Chronograph
3. Short or Ergo roller handle from Inline Fabrication (not sure which I want)
4. Mini Mr Bullet Feeder or SoCal Mag-P, and DAA bullet dropper die (the DAA die, because I plan on using coated bullets, and have heard the Hornady bullet dropper doesnít work well with those)

The goal is to get a good load dialed in for 9mm 135gr, that will easily make minor power factor for USPSA, and then start cranking out rounds.

I built a bench is free standing, and has retractable casters if I want to move it. It's very heavy, and stable, but to make it even more solid, I'm thinking about mounting a piece of 2x6 across some studs, with a couple of T-nuts in it, so I can bolt the bench to the wall. That way, if I need to move it for other projects, I can just remove those the bolts, lower the casters, and move it around.

Again, I'd be grateful for advice on things I've forgotten, or got wrong.