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Thread: Dexter Russell kitchen and fishing knives

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    Dexter Russells and the Victorinox with polypropylene handles are far and away the most used knives by professional kitchens, butchers, packing plants.
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    Dexter's are the go to knives for the Rhode Island commercial fishing fleet as well.

    We'd always have a couple of the carbon steel/wood handle ones around. The blades rust enough that by the time it's trashed from sharpening and rust the handle is trashed. Takes about a year. Well, more like 8 months but we just make it work for another few months.

    I have one as a kitchen knife. I should buy a few more and get some nice leather sheaths made.

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    There is only one Dexter knife that I think sucks, and that was because they decided to change the handle and effectively change it from a kitchen utility knife, to an insulation installers knife. The replacement, doubled in price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    I bought this one on a whim and it was cheap ($21), it’s far and away the knife best in my kitchen for my wife chopping/cutting on marble and glass, and it’s a bloody breeze to clean it up after my wife done her best to destroy the edge 😁

    I first heard of these on Deadliest Catch, i.e. the “sliming knives” the crews rely upon. I am not @blues when it comes to knives, but despite the plain looks, I’ll be buying more of these.

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    Not sure how I missed this one, but +1 for Dexters. I have the one above and it is as LL described. The chef's, paring, and filet knives are also crazy good bargains, ime. Excellent handles on all of them.

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    I ordered the pizza cutter, planning on trying it out soon

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    I don't know how many of these I have but a really really hard used one that has been sharpened down to a very flexible blade is an amazing boning knife paired with a Vicky for the occasional light sawing task.

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    Thanks for this thread. It just reminded me to pick up a few of these.

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    I use one of their sliming knives as my boat knife, actually. Fantastic for bleeding and gutting fish. Cheap enough that you don't cry when one goes long as you know you have a backup at home.

    100% my favourite on-boat fishing knife. Not ideal for filleting, but I never do that on the boat. And their filleting knives ARE ideal for filleting.
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