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Thread: Glock holster recos?

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    Glock holster recos?

    I need an OWB for a Glock 17 with an optic and a Streamlight TLR-7A light as well as an IWB for a Glock 26 with an optic. So far I've only found ones in those configs from We The People. Any others? Thanks!

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    JMCK is my strong preference for both. I have a silly number of his OWB2s, and several IWBs too. Tony’s quality and service is superb.

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    I could not agree more. Tony even made me an IWB for a Streamlight TLR8(w/laser) mounted on pistol. Wearing it as I type this. Great quality, service and edges finished very smoothly for comfort.
    You'll need several-I have.

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    You can’t go wrong with JMCK. C&G Holsters also has some high quality options for you. Full disclosure: the owner is a friend, they have given me free gear, etc.
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    Here's another vote for JMCK. My OWB1 has been without fault, through years of carry and range use.

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    Tenicor makes an excellent OWB for the 19/tlr7/optic. Raven also makes a Perun for the same configuration.

    As far as the IWB for the 26 goes, I’ll agree with the JM recommendations, in Appendix or traditional IWB. Dark Star Gear, Tenicor, and Phlster also make excellent options for IWB. Play around with it, but personally, I prefer a 19 length holster at minimum for IWB. Although I typically carry a 19 in a 17 length holster. The 26 length holsters tend to roll out too much, and cause pressure points. So consider a 19 length holster for the 26. It’d allow your 19 to utilize the same holster too if you pull the light, or did a 26L configuration.

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    I need an OWB for a Glock 17 with an optic and a Streamlight TLR-7A light...
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    Some of the other options listed here are quality holsters, but some aren't. I don't want to call out particular brands, but it's easy to compare a flat sheet of folded Kydex and straight loops to a custom moulded, carefully rounded holster with loops that contour to the curvature of your waist. For example:

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