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Thread: What is Crazy Monkey?

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    What is Crazy Monkey?

    So I was perusing TPI some while ago and I came across an interesting series of posts about a striking system called "Crazy Monkey" and usually I would dismiss something like that just by name alone if not for the guys talking about how useful it is.

    When guys like @Cecil Burch and Larry Lindemann talk I tend to try to shut my yap and listen and it seems like they are proponents of Philosophy?

    I looked up a few videos on YouTube and there was a British gentleman named Dr. Rodney King who was outlining a system of striking that seems pretty user friendly for people who don't like head trauma. Is this the system in question?

    Does anybody know where to learn more about this system? Is it primarily on YouTube? There was some mention of a series of DVDs from Straight Blast Gym.

    It seems interesting.

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    These might help, plus thereís numerous videos on YouTube. Iíve corresponded with Rodney on a few occasions in the past and heís always been very cordial. Maybe drop him an email or message him on Facebook with any specific questions you might have.

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    Rodney King is the developer of Crazy Monkey Boxing. He is south African, not British. I believe the name refers the type of cover that they use from which they throw punches and a system that they use to cover up. Though that is the basis of the name, the system is more than just that. At one point he was affiliated with the Straight Blast Gym. I think he has been on his own for a while. He probably has videos available and online content. I don't know anything about him being a Dr.

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    So there's a three-part Crazy Monkey course on Jason Scully's Strikers Guide. I watched some of it yesterday but am not nearly well-versed in boxing to catch all the nuances. It seems a little "dirty" but my takeaway is that it may be like 10th Planet in the BJJ world. Big personality with some dedicated variations. Perusing the striking/grappling side of Reddit it would appear that Crazy Monkey places might be known for hard drilling and not pumping the brakes for some approaches.

    Shameless plug, and I'm affiliated in any way, but all of Jason Scully's sites are well worth the money; although wait for certain Holiday sales.
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