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Thread: Glock mag release?

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    Glock mag release?

    My Gen 3 G26 mag button's rear edge sits flush with the hole. This makes me have to push the front edge--it's pretty hard to do. My Gen 3 G17 button rear edge protrudes just a hair making it far easier to push. The sharp edges and corners don't help--feels like I'm pressing on a Lego. Do any of yours sit flush? Is this a common issue? How to remedy? Thanks!
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    I replaced all of mine with the Vickers mag release from Tango Down years ago and never looked back.

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    I prefer the Vickers mag release. It is slightly extended with the edges rounded.

    Another cheap option is to install a Glock 20/21 mag release. It will be an extended release.

    My carry guns have the Vickers and one of my competition glocks has the 21. I found the 21 to be too extended for my 17/19 carry guns.

    Cheers, Steve

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    My stock G26gen3 mag catch doesn't sit flush and I work with the stock mag catch just fine.
    I do, however, file the front/bottom corner off as I agree, it's too sharp at that location.

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    The Vickers or Glock FBI magazine releases are great. The Glock extended one is good, with caveats:

    -Sharp corners

    -You need to vet it with all of your holsters to ensure the release isn't inadvertently activated when holstering, drawing and carrying

    -If to be used as a nightstand gun, placing the gun release-side down may result in inadvertent release if any pressure is placed on the release, as it will protrude from the frame

    I ran the Glock extended releases in my Gen 3 G17 and G19 for a year or so, but replaced them with the OEM releases when I holstered one of them for EDC carry in a holster I was T&Eing, and later in the day realized that the release had been activated by the holster, dislodging the magazine sufficiently so that I was EDCing a single-shot Glock...

    A friend of mine who continues to run the extended releases routinely Dremels an arc on the wall of the holster adjacent to the magazine release into all of his holsters, but I decided against that, and I strongly suspect that such wouldn't be allowed by most LEOs.

    In use, the sharp corners of the release weren't an issue.

    Best, Jon
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    I have the TD/Vickers release on all my Glocks and much prefer them over the stock one. I think the extended Glock version unnecessarily long and too sharp.

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    For Gen-1 to 3 óthe stock extended one can be easily sanded down to a less protrusive size and textured accordingly FWIW.

    PS-it is easier to texture said OEM ext release before it is installed or is otherwise in the gun
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    Maybe just a bad mold?

    I never paid that close attention to mine. I push, the mag fall out. I've never changed one nor had any defects that prevented the mag from releasing

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    I had an older kydex left handed G19 IWB holster. Was it Blade Tech or someone else ( firm popular on Glock Talk, duh again) - years ago, duh. In any case, the holster body infringed on the mag release and it would flex against the release when getting in and out of the car and pop the mag. I've since switched to OWB, back problems, etc. made IWB a touch painful.

    Being a lefty, I have released the mag with my forefinger since 1994 with out problems. This fascinated some dude at a match. How could you do that? Also, even with ambi releases on guns, my short, stubby thumbs are a pain and my finger is just fine for manipulations except for safety manipulations on my 1911 as I can reach the safety.

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    Tango Down gtg

    Tango Down accessories were on some Glock RTF2s("Vickers").
    I've had one on GEN5 26 (ambi) for years no issues.
    If you don't want an aftermarket part, very careful sanding with fine paper just to break the edges...

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