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Thread: Compromised back carry options help

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    I've been dealing with hip and back pain for about 18 months now. At times it is so bad that even wearing a lightweight pistol OWB is too much, due to pressure on the waist line. The only options I've found to work when the pain is really bad is pocket carry or shoulder rig. Neither is a good solution in a grappling situation, but better to have a gun than bad language.

    I tried a bunch of different handguns in the pocket, and found that the best solution was the LCR .38. Tried several semis, but the weight was an issue (back to having to wear a pretty tight belt to keep my shorts from falling off).

    Shoulder rig obviously allows a much more substantial handgun to be carried.

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    For those who are concerned about a systems viability in a grappling situation: I think you may be missing the forest for the trees, as the back issues causing the concern may make you ineffectual in a grappling situation. You might be a bit too myopic and a reexamination of your priorities and context may be worthwhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MGW View Post
    Strong side carry cause a lot of problems when I'm on the ground. When I'm on my back I almost always pivot on my right hip.
    Cross draw, perhaps? This does not necessarily mean all the way over at 0900, and does not necessarily mean using one of the strongly-raked-angle cross-draw holsters that the mass-market makers usually deliver. (Such strongly-raked-angle holsters can be DIFFICULT to conceal.)

    A balanced pair of left-and-right pocketed snub-guns might be an option. This is what I did, during a particularly painful recovery period, after a lower back injury. Thankfully, recovery time was relatively quick, but that meant that I did not experiment much farther than this.

    I will add my voice to the Enigma chorus. I have never, however, used an Enigma while dealing with a back problem. The advantage of an Enigma is that it allows the weapon to be worn at a different height than the trousersí waistband, so, may be applicable when dealing with some health problems, and, the Enigma can user-manipulated and user-adjusted so many different ways.
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    What about a Mastermind Tactics Specialist Covert belt worn low on your hips, below your waistline? I mention it because I tried it with my P365 and it worked very well, but it was just a few hours at church and lunch afterward. I haven't tried it all day long.

    Good luck and I hope the P-F quorum will find an acceptable solution that works for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GearFondler View Post
    I'll just throw this out there since you are looking for other options.
    Consider carrying a pair of snubby revolvers, one in the pocket and one on your ankle.
    It sounds like a compromise at first but it's actually quite practical if you think about it.
    When standing the pocket snub should be easily accessible, even allowing you to stage your hand on the gun without anyone knowing the wiser... This covers your needs when walking around.
    When seated the ankle snub becomes easy to access covering your needs when driving or sitting down somewhere. I'd bet most people could draw an ankle gun inside a car faster than an AIWB that is inside a shirt underneath a seat belt.
    Yes, it limits you to only 5 rounds then 5 more if you grab the second snub, and snubs can be challenging to shoot well without practice, but it beats not carrying. Plus, by carrying one in both "compromised positions" each one helps cover the deficiencies of the other.
    This is a strong option.
    Alternatively you can carry a more effective gun on your ankle-if you can tolerate ankle carry, many can't.
    For years, my Court attire was a pocket snub and a Glock 26 on my ankle. The pocket gun allowed the CLR and non telegraphed first strike, while the G26 would be accessed proactively or from cover if a situation developed or a protracted gunfight ensued.
    Now we have the proliferation of even more compact and capable micro 9s.

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    I have used shoulder for full size and pocket holsters small sized guns when I've injured by lower back and was unable to have anything on my waist.

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    If you don't want to use a shoulder holster for a larger gun/mags, I'd suggest going all @Mike Pipes and carry as many Airweight j-frames as you think you need in various locations.
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    Lots of good suggestions here. I truly appreciate it. Iím going to go ahead and switch to pocket carry for now. I have what I need, minus some different grips for an LCR and j frame, to do that right now. Ankle carry is an option in casual attire. I think Iíll explore that a little bit too. It isnít something I had considered before. I had an offer to borrow an Enigma. Iím going to hold off on that but I might purchase one in the future. I know they can be little tedious to set up to work for individual preferences. I would rather not tinker with someone elseís gear and risk screwing it up. Plus with winter here pocket carry works a little better with extra layers on.

    I get what everyone is saying about grappling context. Itís just not something I want to give up yet if I can help it. Iíve invested a lot of time into thinking and practicing rolling in a weapons based environment. Iíve cut my rolling back to 2 or 3 times a month to allow my back time to relax between sessions but I can still role all be it in a much more limited capacity. What Iím dealing with is a combination of sciatica, adductor tendinopathy, and inflamed piriformis muscles. I started PT back in April. Iím better day to day unless I carry AIWB or role too much. Most of the time I can sleep. Thatís a huge improvement over earlier in the year. The muscle spasms hit me again two weeks ago and I thought, ďOh no. Here we go again.Ē But I kept doing my exercises and it cleared up in a couple of days.

    Anyway, I feel like Iím being whiny about the entire situation. I truly appreciate the suggestions.
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    Ankle carry isn't option for me when I am experiencing lower back as I am unable to bend down draw.

    Another thing I have noticed that makes a huge difference is balance, if I am wearing a shoulder holster because of back pain I have two guns of equal weight.

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    Anybody have particular likes or dislikes for suspenders these days? We had a short discussion a few years back but maybe there are other solid options now.

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