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Thread: Black Friday 2022

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Go to Palmetto (links below).

    Add this MPI nitrided BCG assembly for your cart for $59. Then add 10 of these PMAGs and use the code PMAG at checkout. Your total will be $61.89 for 10 PMAGs and a complete BCG.
    Got two of these done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelD View Post
    That'll teach me to not be on P-F all day long -- the deal doesn't seem to be working that way now.
    Me too, I waited too long.

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    Fenix Ammo has up to 30% off ammo.

    115gr 9mm is 25cpr if you buy 2 cases or more.
    David S.

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    North American Rescue has some kits and stuff on sale for 25% Off with code BTD25.

    Of particular interest to me was their EDC wallet kit which has the basics to plug a hole in a nice wallet size. Just add a TQ.

    With regular gauze it's $43.49
    With combat gauze it's $81.74
    And I got free shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Got two of these done.
    I've always been slow, but this is coming up as $154.86 for me.

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    Anyone have rmr deals?

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    They updated the sale. The old one excluded some stuff, like reloading presses. The new deal is $30 off orders over $250, and $60 off orders over $500. Both with free shipping. The new deal includes reloading presses.

    Brownells had the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP for $520. I just used the new discount code and paid $460, before taxes.

    Now I need to find someone who has the shell plate for 9mm, and get some dies. I'll also need a QC plate, and light, from Inline Fabrication. Eventually I'll add a roller handle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newyork View Post
    Anyone have rmr deals?
    Primary Arms had the 3.25 MOA Type 2 adjustable for $420 as of yesterday. Havenít checked today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WobblyPossum View Post
    Primary Arms had the 3.25 MOA Type 2 adjustable for $420 as of yesterday. Havenít checked today.
    Still going as of now. I really want to order another for the G26.5 I should send to JagerWerks while their optic cuts are on sale... but I really shouldn't this close to Christmas.

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