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Thread: Black Friday 2022

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    Not necessarily specific to Black Friday, but if you are looking for a 10% off discount code for Sordin EarPro from SRS Tactical, hit me up via PM. I have a discount code offering thread running on another gun-related site, and I asked the owners of SRS Tactical if it was ok to offer the codes to P-F members; they said ok.

    SRS Tactical is the company I worked with on two previous group buys here on P-F. They are located in Crystal River, FL. I still have the MSA Sordin Supreme X pair I bought seven or so years ago; they still work perfectly.

    The code will allow you to get a discount on certain Sordin products, direct from SRS Tactical. All you have to do to receive a code is ask.

    From SRS Tactical:

    Firstly some news, MSA no longer owns the Swedish Sordin Company. It has been bought by another Swedish Company Wikmanshyttan Safety. Items available in this offering are listed below. Included is the SWATCOM Active8 submersible headset. The NEWLY developed SWATCOM Active8 waterproof headsets are used for Military, Police Operations and Professional Shooters. The NEW ASIC* digital electronics offers 360 degree stereo sound reproduction to enhance situational awareness and audio clarity whilst giving optimum personnel hearing protection.

    All Pro-X and Active8 products come with Gel Seals fitted and have a 5 year warranty handled by us here in Crystal River, Florida. The Pro-IV headsets have a 12 month warranty period and once again we take care of any issues.

    SWATCOM Active8 (headband).
    SKU: SCTA-79308-XG-B (black cups).
    SKU: SCTA-79308-XG-BLAZE.
    SKU: SCTA-79308-XG-C (CAMO Cups).
    SKU: SCTA-79308-XG-CF (Carbon Fibre Cups).
    SKU: SCTA-79308-XG-G (green cups).
    SKU: SCTA-79308-XG-S (sand cups).
    Sordin Pro-IV headband with green cups and Gel Seals. SKU: 75302-G.
    Sordin Pro-IV headband with black cups and Gel Seals. SKU: 75302-02-G.
    Sordin Pro-X headband with green cups, CAMO headband & Gel Seals. SKU: 75302-X-G.
    Sordin Pro-X headband with green cups, leather headband & Gel Seals. SKU: 75302-X/L-G.
    Sordin Pro-X headband with black cups, leather headband & Gel Seals. SKU: 75302-X/L-02-G.
    Sordin Pro-X Neckband with black cups & foam ear seals. SKU: 76302-X-02.
    Sordin Pro-X Neckband with black cups & Gel Seals. SKU: 76302-X-02-G.

    So how do I sign up? How does this work?

    Any p-f member can PM me to ask for a code. I will PM you the code. I have no further involvement after that point. You then use the code in completing your order directly with SRS Tactical.

    Are you receiving any freebies under the table for organizing this?

    Nope. After I send you the code, it is up to you to apply the code for your order, which is fulfilled directly with SRS Tactical. I have no further involvement after that. I have no affiliation with SRS Tactical, at all.

    How long will this run?

    The codes expire 12/31/22.

    Who is SRS Tactical?

    SRS Tactical ( description from their Web Site is as follows:

    “SRS Tactical is based in Crystal River, Florida USA. We specialize in the supply of safety products for head, face and body for all industries. Our main specialty is electronic hearing protection products, enabling the user to continue to maintain communications and protecting their hearing at the same time.”
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    JCPenney has all the Casio “Duro” dive watches for under $40 ($34.98 for the black model).

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    Jagerwerks is running a Black Friday sale: Optic milling for $80 and nitride refinish for an additional $20. It’ll probably take a while to get your slide back but the workmanship will be solid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by APS-PF View Post
    Well I stupidly purchased an LTT 92 Compact last week. That is most certainly going to assure a black friday deal on 92 LTTs. You can thank me later.
    Thank you for taking one for the team. 15% off everything in stock through 12-2 - BFLTT15.

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    LBT and LBX are having a sale, 50% and 35% respectively - anyone else see some good “tactical nylon” deals?

    County Comm is doing 30% off storage, code is cyberweek.
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    Palmetto State Black Friday sale is live.

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    Zev is 25% off site wide except pistols which are 20% off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WobblyPossum View Post
    I’m looking to pick up a Modlite 18350 PLHv2, a Modlite Modbutton, and a Surefire UE tail cap. If anyone happens to run across a decent sale on Modlites, either through the company or a dealer, please post it here.
    I just got an email from them, 15% off site wide. I'll be jumping on one of their new PDW350s.

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