Green Ops LPVO Class

Prerequisite: Defensive Carbine I Class (8hrs) or equivalent carbine training (8-hours or more)
i.e. If the student has taken 8 hours of carbine training from another reputable training company/instructor, they don’t have to take our Carbine I class (or clinic) to attend this class. Our classes are NOT a prerequisite but training from a reputable company/instructor or competition experience is required.

The Low Powered Variable Power Optics (LPVO) Class is a 2-day, 16-hour tactical firearms training with the purpose of exploiting the LPVO to its maximum capability. Shooters will be challenged by executing various courses of fire (COF) testing their ability to employ the LPVO from CQB to combat engagement distances out to 600 yards. Additionally, shooters will be trained to gain the most advantageous position to exploit the LPVO's unique capabilities. The culminating exercise will allow shooters to employ all of the knowledge and techniques taught by the instructors in a buddy-team fire and maneuver live-fire exercise, engaging targets from CQB to long range engagements.

This course is for shooters with carbine platforms equipped with an LPVO (1-6X through 1-10X) who want to know what it takes to get accurate first round impact on targets beyond 100 yards. It is also for those of you who have higher capability rifle platforms with optics of higher magnification. The fundamentals of precision accuracy will be presented.

//The culminating exercise is a 2-man live fire exercise that requires running and gunning //

PeaceMaker National Training Center
1624 Brannons Ford Rd.
Gerrardstown, WV 25420
(Bay/Range: Starlight & Liberty)

Your rifle needs to be zeroed. A 50 yard zero is recommended. Your scope needs to be installed at correct eye relief and must be properly leveled.

$550 (plus an additional Range fee of $20/student per day payable cash on the day of the course to the instructor)

Saturday & Sunday
December 03 & 04, 2022
From 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Each Day)


Saturday & Sunday
March 25 & 26, 2023
From 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Each Day)

Topics Covered
History and application of the LPVO

Zeros (25/300 meters, 50/200 yard, 100 yard, 36 yard)

Point of Aim (POI) / Point of Impact (POI) at different distances

Mechanical Offset

Proper mounting and eye relief

Fire & Maneuver techniques (Shoot, Move & Communicate)

Cover and Concealment

Elements of a stable shooting position

Usage of bipods, sandbags, and vices

Sling Management

Shot calling

Target feedback

Wind calls and adjustments


Understanding of Data of Previous Engagements (DOPE)


Admin Brief

History of LPVO:

Zero considerations (100, 25, 50/200), What is your application?

Holds (CQB and past 200 yards)

Bullet weights and applications for it

Mounting the Optic

Reticles (MOA, MRAD, BDC)

Zero Confirmation

Combat Carbine Skills Inventory

Introduction to long range shooting

Barricade Shooting


Continuation of long range shooting

Unconventional Shooting Positions

Shooting behind cover (Barricades)

Introduction to buddy team movements

2-man Team Culmination Live-Fire Exercise (LFX)


Equipment Needed
Rifle with Sling and Optic (shooter/rifle with optic/& ammunition should be capable of at least 4MOA accuracy or better.

600 Rounds of quality ammunition (more is better). No armor piercing, No bimetal. Ammunition Requirements : No steel Core ammo, No M855, No M855A1

Rifle mat, rear bag, artificial support are all great ideas – bring them if you got them.

A lawn chair is also a great idea.

Bipods are optional and not required.

Empty chamber/open bolt indicator.

Your rifle needs to be zeroed. A 50 yard zero is recommended. Your scope needs to be installed at correct eye relief and must be properly leveled.

There are too many good optics on the market for us to be familiar with them all. Bring your scope's owner’s manual to class, especially if you think you may need help in adjusting your optic.

Throw levers are a good accessory to variable power optics.

Knee pads (optional, but recommended)

Water for hydration

Eye protection, hearing protection (electronic recommended) and baseball cap

Lunch is not included - Please bring your own

It's highly recommended to bring a chair.

This is an outdoor range, so the only restrooms are Port-A-Johns.



* This is a Specialty & High Risk Class and does not qualify for a discount*

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