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Thread: LOTAR Combat

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    LOTAR Combat

    Has anyone tried their knives. Seems like a relatively young company (2017ish) started by an Israeli former IDF. The have some interesting geometry fixed blades and one very interesting folder, the AKRAV Ghost.

    My Google search turned up a company website and a few videos of a guy namer Nir (aka “300”) who is the owner and says “shalom” a lot. However, I get confused when the company website has pictures of a supposed Israeli wearing a Molon Labe t-shirt. Did Chris Costa take all of the Masada t-shirts with him to Japan or something?
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    Those folders look like something I’d find in a flea market bargain bin.

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    There is literally no way I could envision trusting an Israeli gun/knife company with the claims he’s made. Maybe he’s legit, I don’t know. I’d trust Pelosi over an Israeli “defense” company.

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    First impression: douche-y marketing (“badass Israeli Tactical KNives!”)

    Second impression: kudos for offering trainers for so many of their blades. That goes a long way towards smoothing out impression #1

    Third impression: The aggressive “Zecure” butt doohicky on the handles totally look to orient the blade in the wrong direction for the cutting pressure. Either that, or they’re in the way, like double D tits on a cookstove. I mean, I *really* don’t get that part. That tailhook on a couple of the “wolf” blades looks like it would be in the way any time the knife is not actually in the sock drawer. Or, the handle is actually good, and the blades are ass-backwards, anti-pikal knives. It’s like looking at Regan’s head, when it goes full 180 degrees in the movie “the Exorcist”. Just no.

    Fourth impression: too many rings. Why TF would there be a ring at the tail end of a full-size, straight combat knife? Enquiring minds want to know. Wait… no they don’t.

    I love finding out about a new knife company, but I can’t see putting out anywhere near the dough that they are asking for these things. Maybe I just don’t understand RAven™️, Equilibrium™️, or Zecure™️.

    That whole website made me pine for an Emerson A-100.
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    About the time you think you know a US company they start producing knives in China. I have a Gerber made in potland but it's an old one. They manufacture some of their knives in China these days.

    I'd buy another one, because I like it, if I knew they were manufactured in the US. Probably not as they don't readily disclose where their product is made, like a lot of knife companies these days.
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    I bought a Hogue knife second hand recently and have been impressed by it. The fit and finish is a slightly less than Benchmade but it feels strong and holds an edge well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    Either that, or they’re in the way, like double D tits on a cookstove.

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    ETA, Link to such a cook stove? Would it take normal 24" logs or 36"?
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    They’ll probably make a mint,gimmicky marketing sells lots of knives

    People happily pay 500 for headhunter RATS

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsr View Post
    They’ll probably make a mint,gimmicky marketing sells lots of knives

    People happily pay 500 for headhunter RATS
    Same with amtac. Good deigns but overpriced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warped Mindless View Post
    Same with amtac. Good deigns but overpriced.
    I don’t have any experience with amtac, but quite a few friends have the rat which is a decent enough knife but like I told them so you paid 5 bills for a beefed up, decently made steak knife.

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