View Poll Results: Are you uneasy about carrying a P320 due to the unintentional discharge issue?

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  • Yes: I'm not confident in the P320's safety record

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  • No: I believe the gun is mechanically sound.

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Thread: Poll: P320 Unintentional Discharge Issues

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    Hard pass. Don't trust em.

    Life is far too short to be shooting or carrying guns you hate or don't trust.

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    TGS, I'll partially buy your explanation and intentions, but the problem is that the devil is in the details (as are many things with the P320 arguably...). The poll as it is essentially conveys that a P320 is either good or bad. So in that sense, I guess the seeming intent can makes sense-chew on that, SIG Marketing Department...

    However, even though we're not in 2015, unless a P320 user knows the manufacture date of their individual P320, we might as well be, since unless you have the case with the manufacture date sticker, or have specifically called SIG Customer Service (braving the wait times) to find out. There are no visible external clues that I'm aware of that give visual clues about the manufacture date.

    So in that sense, nuances and more detailed explanations and poll voting options can matter. Otherwise, you're running the risk of getting knee-jerk, purely visceral reactions/votes, or are potentially unfairly tarring what may be a perfectly (well, at least reasonably, assuming decent manufacture and QC protocols...) safe gun. Additionally, the wording on the poll options is somewhat confusing, as to what constitutes "Yes" and "No;" you probably should have switched them on the poll questions, so the options would have read "No, I'm not confident in the P320's safety record" and "Yes, I believe the gun is mechanically sound"-but perhaps that's just me.

    Not that SIG is particularly deserving of much credit on clarifying the potential issues and specific fixes and fix dates. Most of what we've found has been from members like Lwt16 and HCM, who have specific training on the platform, as well as larger than normal sample size exposures, and other p-f members who have contributed to the earlier thread(s) on the P320.

    But thanks for the refund.

    Best, Jon
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    I love my 320, and everyone who shoots it loves it. P320 Spectre Comp FTMFW!
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    I was/do carry a 320. However, it’s a post 6/2019 model. I don’t think it’d have issues. However, my agency just banned 320s. So, now I’m not willing to roll the dice, even off duty.

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    The reports are troubling, and I have heard enough from trusted forum members to have concerns. My interest in the 320 is really limited to the M17, but if the elusive problem is buried somewhere in the internal fire control components, I don't see how the manual safety (which locks the trigger bar and does not affect the striker) would address that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInWA View Post
    So in that sense, nuances and more detailed explanations and poll voting options can matter. Otherwise, you're running the risk of getting knee-jerk, purely visceral reactions/votes, or are potentially unfairly tarring what may be a perfectly (well, at least reasonably, assuming decent manufacture and QC protocols...) safe gun.
    That's kind of the point, Jon. I mean, I'm not tarring the reputation of the gun...I'm asking people what their gut feeling is. If you don't like the result...that's too bad.

    By any chance, are you currently sponsored by SIG, have been in the past, or in any way receive support or compensation from them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lon View Post
    Totally misread the options. I voted no, but should have voted yes.
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    In general, I just don't have the same sort of warm fuzzy confidence in Sig that I had back in the 90's.
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    The whole point of the 320 was, from a civilian market POV, to produce a SFA with a lighter, easier, nicer trigger than a Glock. Which is what they got. Pass on carrying that shit. Plus, I don’t think they really stepped up to deal with their initial issue. JMO.
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    As a certified 320 armorer and an LE, I have carried the 320 and will continue to do so, until there is a proven flaw with them. Now with that I will also say, I do believe the design, IE, the larger trigger surface, and short take up and break, have contributed and will continue to cause ND situations, especially in LE.

    I don't think the guns are just going off by themselves, but I do believe the casual handling of them by officers is causing a disconcerting amount of the reported ND issues. The guns are performing as they should, when the trigger is pulled, however, I don't believe there is enough tolerance built into to the design that allows anything but absolute discipline when holstering and in the holster from outside interferences, IE jackets, shirts, etc.

    A duty weapon is exposed to these things daily and in certain situations it can be difficult to keep track of your jacket, pull tabs, shirts etc. As duty weapon should not be as sensitive to these outside forces as I believe the 320 is. IMO the standard 320 variant, is very much like carrying a 1911, with the safety in the off position.

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