View Poll Results: Are you uneasy about carrying a P320 due to the unintentional discharge issue?

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  • Yes: I'm not confident in the P320's safety record

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  • No: I believe the gun is mechanically sound.

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Thread: Poll: P320 Unintentional Discharge Issues

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    Poll: Alleged P320 Unintentional Discharge Issues

    I understand there are pre-existing threads discussing the issue and the purpose of this thread is not to rehash that same conversation.

    Looking for numbers on the P-F membership, hence the poll.
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    Voted safe, but not unilaterally - I am comfortable carrying a late production P320 with a manual safety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TGS View Post
    Does the continued talk about unintentional discharges of the P320 that are possibly not user-induced effect your opinion on how safe the P320 is? Would it make a difference on your theoretical stance of buying a P320, whether you're actually in the market for one right now or not?

    I haven't seen any hard proof yet that a post 2020 P320 has a risk of mechanical AD in the same way that a 2015-2017 P320 (yikes) or 2017-2020 (too questionable for me to be confident in).

    If a current P320 was the only choice of carry gun I had, I'd carry it, but I'd take almost any other name brand gun over it if I was limited to single action striker fired pistols, based upon my own perosnal feelings on Sig's QC and the robustness of the design itself, like the firing pin safety lever.

    I'd prefer a manual safety on a single action striker fired gun but I just have garbage range of motion in my right thumb and haven't found one I liked yet. Personal issue.

    That said, after carrying single action striker fired guns 2015-2017 (320), 6 months with a Glock, then an M&P 2018-2019, then Beretta 92 2019-2021 then Glock, and an M&P for the first 6 months of 2022, single action fully pre cocked striker fired guns just aren't my personal preference anymore, when a Glock with extremely robust internal safeties and an SCD, and even better, DA/SA hammer fired pistols exist.

    I've gone away from all the striker fired pistols except for my wife's G48 with an SCD, and only have DA/SA Berettas. After one last hurrah with the M&P where I planned to use the thumb safety but just hated it, I just think about the gun less and am more comfortable with the draw process and reholster process with a DA/SA, just living with the gun all day and carrying it while playing with my 1 year old daughter and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyDuty View Post
    Voted safe, but not unilaterally - I am comfortable carrying a late production P320 with a manual safety.
    ^This - especially one equipped with a manual safety.

    So I voted “No” but with this provision.
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    Totally misread the options. I voted no, but should have voted yes.
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    I have a Sept 2017 production X-Carry P320 and between safety concerns (esp carrying AIWB) and the mess of trying to figure out what optic cut is on it (the old one, of course), I kind of just want to get rid of it.

    Which is a shame, because I like how it shoots, and I've been wanting to put my first RDS handgun together.

    But at this point it's probably going to be a Glock, or a VP9 to use all my P30 mags.

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    Certified Sig p320 armorer for a while now.

    No way I will carry the one I own nor any other 320.

    P365? Yep, carry at least one daily. Certified on 365s as well.


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    Well, the Milwaukee Police Dept. seems to be done with them

    Oops. Missed LLs earlier post.
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    I believe that calls for a more nuanced discussion than a "Yes" or "No" option that the poll presents. I would not purchase, carry or authorize for duty a Pre-June 2019 P320, regardless as to whether or not it had gone through the SIG VUP program. Post-1 June 2019 I would, and in fact do.

    That said, my preference in SFA pistols is toward Glock and HK, and I'm far more likely to carry and use them than my P320.

    I recommend those with residual concerns about uncommanded discharges even with a post-1 June 2019 get a variant with a manual safety.

    Additionally, for P320 carry I strongly recommend users be very familiar with the P320's triggerpull characteristics, as it's fairly short with a pretty soft wall/break. It will not tolerate inattention or unfamiliarity well, especially if utilized as a threat management tool.

    Unless you're willing to put in some dedicated time in practice and training with a P320, I'll suggest that it's best venue is as a range/competition pistol, as opposed to EDC/duty.

    So I voted "No" on the poll, but it's a "No" with the caveats as discussed.

    Best, Jon

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