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Thread: 38 years and out

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondsCount View Post
    I can't say that I blame you. I've had two friends suffer strokes in the last year and had the shot. Nobody can figure out why it happened.
    We have over 40 guys with heart problems shortly after getting the shot. I had given the city 38 years of my adult life and when I said no I ment it. Quite a few people were trying to get me to stay but it was time. I missed to much time with my kids. Now Im going to try to make that up to them. Gentlemen thank you for all your support. Please be safe out there and reach out if you need anything.

    Tony D

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    Congratulations! Sounds like a hell of a run.

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    Im really sorry this happened to you, and Im sorry that such a vile policy as forced vaccination was put in place. The citizens of your city lost the kind of cop(s) who would be the greatest defender of liberty against criminal tyranny. Whether from regular criminals, or government criminals.

    Thank you for all you did, God bless, and good luck.

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    Its now HAMMER TIME!

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    That is a long, long time doing brutally thankless work. So I will say thank you, and I wish you a relaxing and fun retirement!
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    Congratulations. That's a hell of a run.

    I made it to 30 and I was lucky. I knew they wanted me out of there a few years before I retired. I finally realized that everyone would be happier, including me, if I let someone else have my highly coveted job. The guy I knew who was lined up to get it was a deserving individual and a friend. I used to ask him how much is my job worth to you? If you can can come up with a number I like and cash I can open some doors. Of course I was just kidding. He filled the position when I left.
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    Sorry about the circumstances Brother. Congrats and enjoy retirement, you've earned it.
    Be Aware-Stay Safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detmongo View Post
    Wow 41 years good on ya. Thank you Sir. I didnt get in any trouble or anything I just refused to get the shot so I had to retire or be fired.
    That is such bullshit. Sorry to hear it went down that way, but honestly, they don't deserve you. Enjoy life's next chapter.

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    Congratulations on retirement!

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