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Thread: I Took an Introduction to IDPA Class-Dr. David Yamane

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    I Took an Introduction to IDPA Class-Dr. David Yamane

    All college professors aren't gun hating liberals, article in Gun Culture 2.0 by Dr. David Yamane, a sociologist from Wake Forest University:


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    Thank you for sharing. I approve when more folks get into IDPA.

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    A pro-gun college professor is a good thing!

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    For 15 or so years wife and I did 95% of our shooting at indoor ranges. Stationary shooter shooting at stationary targets. Then 5 years or so ago my SIL talked me into trying idpa. Dang that was fun. Well, right then and there at 68 years old I had a new hobby. I've been shooting 2 matches a month since. Summer 2022 I am now 74 and my 67 year old wife started shooting one match per month w/ me. We practice at our Izaak Walton range and we run practice just like a stage at a match. In addition to shooting from near any position imaginable the regular gun handling is very important. Several weeks ago we practiced and I was getting her ready, shooter load and make ready, do you understand the course of fire.etc. She says stop a second. OK. She goes on. You know one of the best things about shooting these matches? No what. When I started I was nervous as he11 just doing this part as well as the check for empty and re-holster stuff just after the last round. Always afraid I was going to do something dumb or unsafe. Now it is almost like brushing my teeth. Not quite because we always need to remember safety but I am now 100% comfortable w/ it. Another time as we were driving home she says, You know what has surprised me about all this? No what. All the people are so danged nice. They help me out when I ask something. They correct me when I mess up, but they correct me so nicely, and so constructively, that a screwup is just a chance to learn. To any one who is reading this but hasn't tried idpa, find a match and watch one. Tell them you are a complete novice and just want to get a feel for how matches work. Then sign up for the next one. You need a pistol, a holster, 3-4 mags, a double mag pouch and 100-120 rnds of ammo, $15-20 fee. When you get there tell them it is your first and when you get set w/ your squad tell the squad leader the same. Ask if you could shoot last at each stage. Be safe and when it is your turn to shoot, walk up there and do each step only as you are told to. Have a blast.

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    Shooters are so helpful, your only problem may be picking which recommendations to take.

    I took holster and speed loaders to a match last week so a revolver aficionado wheeler dealer - plinker type could get into competition.
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