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Thread: Ear pro for conversation

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    Speaking of OTTO, does anyone have experience with the NoizeBarrier Range SA headset?

    NRR between Sordins and Peltor 500s but if they use the same technology as the NoizeBarrier (ugh, really?) Micro earplugs, perhaps they pair well. The earplugs reviews are near universally positive but I can find few reviews of the headset.

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    Never seen those Otto "Range" in real life, but the shape looks like it would be challenging with rifles. Might be wrong, but anytime I see a set of headsets that looks like Princess Leia hair, I worry about getting decent cheek weld.

    I'll add that my shooting buddy swears by his Otto ear plugs - wears them on every range trip, including running his .308 with it's ridiculous blast enhancing brake. And I'm the one who ended up with tinitus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillSWPA View Post
    The Peltors use 9v.
    The newer, and much improved (IMHO), Peltor ear pro don't use 9v batteries. The Peltor 300 & 500 use AA, and the Peltor 100 uses AAA.

    For use under a helmet, the low profile MSA Sordins are a great option. For range use, I want the breater hearing protection the Peltor 500s offer. I've got a lot of hearing loss and tinnitus, from a misspent youth. I'm not using a set with a 18dB NRR, unless I'm tac'd out and wearing a helmet, when I can get something with a 26dB NRR.
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    I do have a set of these. They seem pretty good. I was hoping to use them under my Sordins. Two things. They are too big for that and they won't stay sealed in my ears. The issue with both could be just my ears are funky. Apple iPod Pros don't stay well sealed either. I've tried all the seals with both and had no luck. Sucks because the bluetooth is excellent with the ISOtunes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul D View Post
    I have these Axil GS Extreme 2.0 on order. Supposedly they bring the gunshots down to hearing safe levels versus cuts out all sound itself. With my Sordins, if I am talking to someone and a shot goes off, their voice cuts in and out. I'll let you know how it works.
    I was able to try it out both in an outdoor and indoor range.

    • You can actually hear conversations very well. It is almost like I wasn't wearing anything.
    • It does not cut off completely with gunshots. It will attenuate the noise down. Thus you can hear the beep from the shot timer vs. blanking out the beep when it coincides with a gun shot.
    • It doesn't do well at extreme ends of the sound spectrum. Little things like the cracking of a water bottle are accentuated (loud). Really loud but not dangerous sounds create static. For example, the PA speaker would sound like a cheap drive through burger joint speaker.
    • It is not safe (at least for me) for indoor ranges or if folks are shooting really loud guns (ie braked rifles) next to you. It would be great for hunting, competition (lone shooter), etc. It would double up with earmuffs for the former.
    • I think if they made the foam ear pieces longer/deeper, it would better at blocking out the noise.

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    I've been running Peltor 500s with gel cushions and EEP-100s together for a few weeks. The NRR is excellent. Comfort is middling. I can definitely hear range commands better but I still struggle with casual conversation.
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    Surplus Nacre Quietpro. Nothing comes close to it in combining >30 dB noise suppression with clear voice recognition.

    I donít use mine much anymore because I can hear people too well and itís distracting.
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