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Thread: Let's talk about range bags

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    Let's talk about range bags

    I'm in the market for a new range bag.
    Nothing as big as a Samsonite suitcase, but something versatile.

    What are y'all using, and what do you/don't you like.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have a couple RANGE BAG setups. If Iím going to the outdoor range with long guns, I have a large SnugPak rolling duffle. I need the size to carry my spotting scope, tripod, ammo, targets, etc. The rolling feature helps because it can be a trek from the parking lot to the lanes. Iíll carry the long guns in a separate backpack style case.

    For handgun range trips, I have a Midway brand range bag. It holds 2 pistols, and has enough room for all the misc tools and essentials. If I need extra space for ammo, Iíll bring an MTM ammo can.

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    I use a small pelican case with small nylon bags and Magpul Daka's to organize. I have a small loose ammo bag inside it that I can carry downrange if needed. I like that its waterproof and is good if it starts to rain or you stash it in the bed of the truck.

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    I carry so much ammo and stuff now that a shoulder bag or backpack is too much. I now use this and it has been so much easier. At $47 from Walmart, it has been a bargin. Link.

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    Not to be that guy, but here are several multi-page threads under the search option "range bags."

    FWIW I have several of these general design:

    I believe one is from Midway another is from LAPG and I think maybe Boyt/Bob Allen.

    Also have numerous of these, one for every pistol we shoot at GSSF matches and several for my other high-use pistols:

    They fit in the main compartment of my range bag and are handy when I take more than one pistol to the range.

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    VertX Gamut backpack.

    I like being able to roll up targets and stow them in the side pockets, or keep B8 repair centers flat in the back zipper panel. I can also pack my Mk18 in it.
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    I use the GPS Tactical Range Packpack

    Holds my eye and ear pro, timer, pistol ammo, Leatherman tool, writing tools, training log, holster, mag carriers, and pistol (two when required). It came with a brass bag too, I think.
    I can grap this and a stack of targets and head to the range. With a long gun, I obviously need another case.
    Iíve removed some the extraneous straps and added some MOLLE mag pouches to carry extra for IDPA matches.
    Itís held up with weekly use for 5 years or so, and Iím not looking for anything else.

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    The midway bag absolutely exceeds the intersection of quality and value when it can be had on sale. I have used on nearly exclusive for a 2 Glock (g34/35) set up for 15+ years.
    It is still quite serviceable and can be loaded up well past comfortable to carry.

    If I was going to spend more than 100, I would want 500 d cordura and YKK zippers for sure.
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    So, I suffer from "fill the space" syndrome. And my best way to combat this is to limit the space I can fill.

    Recently I bought one of these 5.11 Range Bags: - Which at 18L is fairly small overall. But I've found it perfect for carrying two pistols, a few hundred rounds, a holster or two, some B8s, mags, ears, and first aid. It doesn't hold much else, I could probably get a compact staple gun in there. Then I'd be about out of space.

    But it solved my major problem, which is too much gearitis.

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    Probably a lot bigger than you looking for but I love my Force Protector Deployer bag. I got sick of juggling everything with multiple trips to my vehicle and to the range and back, now these are the three bags I take to every class or range trip.

    Force Protector Deployer bag with all my gear, OSOE vehicle med bag and SERT 36" TCC with two carbines...

    With my old beast in the background...


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