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Thread: Suggestions for small blade (6cm max)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gato naranja View Post

    The only real small ones I have actually used to any extent are the ESEE Candiru and the Becker Remora, both of which are pretty tiny and much less capable than - for instance - an ESEE Izula.

    The Remora was - in my opinion - a better knife for every day carry when it was offered in stainless steel rather than the current "1095 CroVan" production model.

    Between the two, I would give the Candiru the nod right now just because a set of grip scales can easily be bought, and both of these knives need scales if I put very much physical effort into actually cutting with them.
    "Right! What's all this then?"

    It is a Becker Remora. Fresh out of the blister card in July of 2024, the vendor describing it as "blackened 440-C stainless steel." Said blister indicates "Manufactured in USA with German steel." There is not a marking anywhere on the blade itself indicating what kind of Deutscher Stahl it is made of, but hopefully it is, indeed, actually stainless steel and not the 1095 CroVan the Remora has been saddled with for some time.

    ("It's a neck knife. Humans tend to be corrosive to varying degrees. Stainless, please!"

    But look at the blade details. While similar in overall shape to my old Remoras, this one is a bit more "refined," maybe-- the slant of the ricasso, the slightly backswept and thinned guard, the larger skeletonizing holes... it's a variant that I have not seen up until today.

    Unlike the previous Remoras I have had, this one does not require so much brute strength to simply remove from the sheath. That can be good or bad depending on one's priorities.

    Lastly, I will say this thing came sharp; the edge doesn't look sharp... but it is. Even the point on the blade is "Well, fiddle dee dee! I believe that I have just stuck myself with the equivalent of a new X-Acto #11 blade and am leaking badly" sharp (or earthier language to that effect). Take my word on this.

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