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Thread: Cigar and Pipe thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVP View Post
    Can any of the seasoned pipe smokers offer some recommended brands of mid tier pipes?

    I have only dabbled with entry level and want to experience more dedicated time to a pipe this fall/winter.
    Itís been forever since I was shopping for pipes or keeping up with market offerings, but in addition to Rossi and Chacom, Savinelli and Stanwell come to mind. Stanwell is the only one of the four I have myself, and itís just the one. Peterson is also in the range but you hear inconsistent things about their quality control. I like the two I have but the one I bought new definitely has minor cosmetic issues that donít belong on a $80-$100 pipe. The other one is very nice but itís older, and I donít know by how much. Could be a lot.

    As mentioned upthread, eBay is a great place to look. I donít remember what I paid for my Stanwell but it was well below what it wouldíve cost new. Not $10 for a Peterson at an antique shop low, but probably something like $60 for a $100 pipe.

    I do find there to be a real difference between my Stanwell, Petersons, and vintage Grabows/Kaywoodies on the one hand, and the no-name $20 grab basket briars I started off buying in local shops on the other. If it were me, Iíd consider buying one pipe in the $60-$80 range (or whatever you consider mid-range and are comfortable with), seeing if I liked it, and then buying a second one in the same price range so I have two to alternate between.

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    I didnít initially reply because I donít consider myself knowledgeable enough to recommend how people spend their money. I will toss out this however:

    I have found that the shape of the pipe has more to do with it (for me) than the particular manufacturer. I have a number of more ďtraditionalĒ shaped pipes (both straight and bent, some belonging to my father) but found the ďauthorĒ shape of my recent Brebbia purchase to be something that really changed the experience for me. The actual bowl is beefy and naturally cradles in my hand. The stem is wide and feels more natural to me when Iím using it. It balances well. The larger overall size (although kinda short and squat) keeps it from overheating, holds enough to make the limited amount I use it worthwhile, and the whole package just seems to ďworkĒ for me.

    Itís hard to explain, but the enjoyment for me comes from the ritual and the process. It allows me to escape and put my increasingly limited brainpower into something besides work and the troubles of the day. The particular shape and type of pipe I seem to have stumbled upon allows me to do this.

    Iíd look at it from the above direction as well. Like pistols, everyone is different in what they seek. All the above said, the $100 bucks I spent on that Brebbia Aero Author I consider very well spent. I purchased it from SmokingPipes and have been very satisfied with their shipping and overall CS.

    Hope this helps you.
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    Pipes and cigars gateway me right back the Pall Malls, but back in college my favorite was Erimore:

    I had a couple of Petersons which were my strong preference; I just looked, and they don't seem to have the upward-facing hole in the stem that I used to enjoy. I also have a lovely Jobey lying around somewhere.
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    I have a fair number of pipes at this point. There are a lot of really nice ones out there and some good makers. I'd agree with all of the recommendations so far but if I was going to pick one to start with (or, probably, pick a favorite out of the ones I have) it would be a Stanwell. I've got a few and I like them all. There are some nice versions to be had for under $100 and in the past at least, Pipes and Cigars has run really good sales on them from time to time.

    As far as shapes, I'd say pick one that looks nice to you and that feels good in the hand. That's obviously easier to do if you find an actual brick and mortar vendor but you can at least get an idea from looking. I have a couple of Stanwell 86s that I love - looks good, feels good, smokes really nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVP View Post
    Can any of the seasoned pipe smokers offer some recommended brands of mid tier pipes?

    I have only dabbled with entry level and want to experience more dedicated time to a pipe this fall/winter.
    In my very amateur opinion, start off with something inexpensive and learn how to pack it properly. I'd wager you'll be lots less annoyed/frustrated learning to pack a small investment than "WTF can't I keep this thing lit" $100 keepsake.

    My first pipe was a Nording Churchwarden. I went with the long stem expecting it to smoke cooler. After smoking shorter stem pipes, I don't find much difference. My second pipe was one I found on eBay. It was $10 cheaper when I bought it a year ago . I liked the look of it and really liked the shape, for the built-in pipe stand (very handy). Unfortunately, I managed to break 2 stems at the tenon and have not had it repaired yet...

    Current favorite was a gift from a friend.... purchased at a local tobacco shop. Pipe is marked Capri Albania. Smokes very nicely. I just Googled the brand for the first time... The made in Italy stuff from Capri is very spendy. The Albania-made pipes seem to be in the $50 range online.

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    ETA... I bought this cheap pipe tool from Amazon. Works great. Have never bothered looking for anything more fancy.
    I'll leave it open for a gift opportunity from the wife or kids...
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    Thanks all you gents!

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    Seconding that IM Corona Old Boy. I've had mine for over a decade.

    Here's a review to read for those on the fence.

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