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Thread: Cigar and Pipe thread

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    Cigar and Pipe thread

    So, I've gotten into premium cigars lately. Any recomendations for sticks to try?

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    Lots of variables there. How long have you been smoking, what are you smoking now and how do you like them, and what's your budget like for sticks?

    Are you a daily smoker or a weekender?

    This can be a pricey hobby! As I'm sitting here with a Rocky Patel in my hand, looking at my iglooador and 2 desktop humidors, and about 150 or so sticks- and I still am learning n growing at it! Lol!

    Anyway more info would help...


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    Been going pretty mild so far the ones I've really enjoyed have been:

    Macanudo Cafe
    Oliva CT Reserve
    CAO Gold Maduro
    Arturo Fuente Hemmingway

    While the weather is still warm I've been enjoying one in the evening pretty much every evening for the past few weeks. I definitely like a relatively large ring gauge and long cigar as I like to just relax for an hour or more while having a beer or two. Looking for sub $10 sticks but I'd like to hear about any personal favorites of any price.

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    My personal favorites are Brick House and Fuente Double Chateau Natural. I have really been wanting to try a XEN but haven't seen it in my local shop.

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    I like mostly more medium-full bodied cigars, here are some reasonably priced cigars that I enjoy

    Illusione cg4
    Rocky Patel Edge (Maduro or Corojo wrapper)
    Romeo (Part of Romeo y Julieta line)
    Alec Bradley Prensado
    Don Peppin My Father
    Don Peppin Cuban Classic (black label)

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    I do not think you can go wrong with Rocky Patel. I have never been disappointed with any of his sticks in any flavor profile. I just had his newer "Burn" and it was easy smoking, light but full with a great draw and very satisfying.

    That being said my favorite is Liga Privada no 9. It is a bit fuller with a nice spice to it. They can get a little expensive depending on how easily your shop can get them.

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    I'm a rank neophyte at cigars, though I find that I enjoy them if I have someone with more knowledge pick out some mild, smooth ones for me.

    The last one I thoroughly enjoyed was a Padron 1964 Principe, along with a selection of fine rums at a local rum bar. They looked at me funny when I asked for a mojito made with Zaya rum, but once the bartender tried one himself, he saw the light. Combined with the Padron, it made for a fine evening with some old friends out on the patio.

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    Montecristo coronas, typically. I generally can make a box of Cubans last a long time.
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    Well, first off:

    "A Good Cigar closes the doors to the vulgarities of the world. Franz Liszt

    To me, a Macanudo Vintage 1988 is a rare treat. Spicy, slow burning, what a cigar should be.

    But in so far as an everyday smoke: La Gloria Cubana's (please, please, get the ones stamped Miami on the bottom of the box!!!) are just about unbeatable.

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    I knew I liked you BLR! Outstanding cigars. Long time favorite is the LGC series R.

    Short list (I love strong maduros) in no order of preference.

    Freak, Alex Bradley
    Edge Battalion, Rocky Patel
    Nubs, Olivia
    LaGloria Cubana Series R
    INCH (don't know the brand)
    Pyramid #7
    Opus X

    There are so many more to list when I have a chance I'll post again.

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