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Thread: Free Training!

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    Free Training!

    We tried something the other night and it went quite well. We decided earlier this year to try and continue our efforts to get people into training and broaden the reach of those efforts. Enter Zoom. We hosted Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics for two hours of only what ya need and then some short Q&A. The format seemed to work quite well and we'd like to continue at some point, but are curious who'd be good for a virtual seminar? We've got our own list and have reached out to folks for their rates and have some positive feedback there, but who would you like to see for two hours on your screen?
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    Count me in

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    Great Idea!

    I would love to see a class on how to dress around a gun and basic concealment. If you would be willing to venture into NPE concealment as well that would be great! Not sure who would be the instructor but such a class would be a great service to CCW holders both new and old, would be fairly effective in the Zoom format, and would sit squarely within your wheel house.

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    I am totally interested.

    I would like to see someone talk about impact weapons. I think an overview on the types and ways to carry them. I would also like to see something similar for edged weapons.

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    I'd be interested, just to see what I'm not doing properly, and what I can improve upon.
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    Partial TAP/G presentation from Johnston or Lauer
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    Chris Cypert

    Gabe White

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    Very interested. Especially if there is an option to watch the recording again.

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