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Thread: PACT Club Timer III instructions...

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    PACT Club Timer III instructions...

    Does anyone have a copy of the PACT Club Timer III instructions handy so they could tell me which direction you need to turn the screw in the battery compartment to turn down the sensitivity of the timer?

    Also, if anyone has a copy of the instructions and access to a scanner, could you do the world the favor that PACT has not and put them in electronic format? (Like with a scanner) We'll be more than happy to host them.

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    I didn't get any instructions with mine.

    less sensitive = counter clockwise

    A little adjustment goes a long way.

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    Before adjusting anything try a brand new battery. I ended up chasing the sensitivity on mine. I reset it to stock and tossed in a new battery and all was well.

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    My friend just got one of these, and no instructions with it. From Midway no less.

    So, I'd greatly appreciate a copy as well if anyone has them.

    Someone should show them how to make Adobe Acrobat documents....

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