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Thread: Pistol Powders

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    I cannot even ponder what I've spent on this sport/hobby and I don't want to.
    Some things are better left alone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by revchuck38 View Post
    4.2 grains of TG under a 125-grain Zero JHP was a sub-2" @ 25-yard load in my CZ-75B, and it wasn't that dirty or smoky with bullets without exposed-lead bases. Just a data point for those of you with lots of TG stashed away.
    Agreed. I run 4.2gr Titegroup under a 124gr FMJ or JHP as one of my standard loads. It is accurate.

    I'd say Titegroup and CFE Pistol are my current favorites for 9mm and .40. Almost exclusively shooting 9mm these days.

    Titegroup may not be the cleanest burning, but it lives up to it's motto of more bang for the buck, a very important consideration for me.

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