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Thread: Reliable JHP for old Series 70 1911?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amp View Post
    The polymer tip tends to hang up and stick as the round is being fed into the chamber. I wouldn't count on it to feed well in an older 1911.
    sometimes. I never played with Critical Defense but I do like Critical Duty, and have fed it to a lot of my guns many of which are similar to OPís. In my examples the polymer area of the bullet didnít touch the barrel, but the bullet shape may be different between Defense and Duty.

    In my experience there has been no issue feeding *230* HST or Gold Dot to these guns. 200 has been hit or miss with a couple of them.

    Generally, if it feeds H&G68s well it will feed reasonable Defense ammo; and if it wonít, it needs fixed.
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    230 gold dots ran well for me too in a Springfield mil spec I had with an un modded from factory feed ramp.

    ETA: that was also the gun that taught me about both bullet setback and that repeated loading/unloading peens the cavity of a hollow point bullet into a smaller cavity.
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