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Thread: Glock 48 vs Sig 365xl, opinions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggy View Post
    I have settled on this as my current *carry* pistol. If I would ever want or need more concealment, a smaller/ shorter Wilson grip frame is a simple 5 minute swap away. If I need something more, I have my Shadow Systems comped MR920.

    We run the same macro edc setup except I run a curved trigger and a 2 moa eps carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by diananike View Post
    Yes I meant how much the grip pokes out your shirt.
    My G48 is about at the upper limit even with a good wedge and claw type appendix holster.
    I a 5'4 and a wrestling build 155 or so (stocky). I edc a macro and despite it being a tad longer in the grip than a g19 it conceals better due to how thin it is.

    I carry in an enigma with an appendix pillow

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    I have a G48 and a G48 MOS and am 5í10Ē 170lb bodybuilder type physique.

    The G48 conceals fairly well with a EVA foam wedge and RCS claw. A tight high belt helps.

    The MOS is a bit limited in holsters with the TLR and 407k on it. Iíve been using a Tenicor Sagax Lux and itís a great holster but itís tough to keep that back grip corner from poking a bit. Even with the tall bumper/claw installed.
    Iíve often thought that even a little .2Ē trim on the butt would make a big difference.

    Thatís why I was curious about the Macro as itís .2Ē taller still then the G48.

    Iím really tempted to try an enigma but concealing a handgun is pretty much LARPing and restricted to the range in Canada so itís a lot more convenient to take a gun on and off at the range without a underwear chassis thatís setup and dedicated to a single gun. I am a total nerd so might just do it anyway.
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    Well i bought a 365 today since the one I shot was a laser. cannot wait to shoot it. If these little guns are that amazing, then I may be buying more. I still like the 43x but something about that 365 that had me thinking. I guess I am going to have to be at the range more often now to get that grip angle down. I did hold the new macro and I liked it but did not want to jump into the 365 game at the 800.00 price point just yet. I will post up some info on my journey with these little guns. More to come guys...

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    Good choice! The Wilson grip in standard or xl is a game changer for a lot of people too

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandbj View Post
    Good choice! The Wilson grip in standard or xl is a game changer for a lot of people too
    I'd agree, I think the WC module is a significant improvement in either the 365 or XL, I'm curious to try a WC' s Macro version with my XL if / when available.
    Great thing about the 365 platform, you have quite a number
    of options to easily try and build what works for you.

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    Glock with SCD

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Iíd love a 365 XL. With an SCD or something akin to it. So I pack a G48.

    Same here on the 365 XL. The only reason I have a glock is with the SCD.

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    I sold all my SCDís.

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    Is that thunder? No, itís just Fort Hood.
    Quote Originally Posted by Biggy View Post
    I sold all my SCDís.

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