Justified Defensive Concepts The Four Count Draw

When: September 18, 2022

Where: Fairfax, VA (NRA Range)

I attended the one evening (5ish hour) Justified Defensive Concepts class The Four Count Draw, held at the NRA Range in Fairfax, VA.

The course started with approximately 1 hour of classroom instruction. Fundamentals of firearm safety and an overview on justified use of force were covered. Safety was stressed as absolutely critical. All information was well organized and articulated.

The final classroom instruction was to go through the mechanics of a draw stroke. This was broken down into the 4 count of steps, with specific discussion of what should happen and why at each step. Blue guns were used to demonstrate details, both from a strong side and appendix position draw.

Range time was the heart of this course, and exceedingly well done. Strong safety protocols were followed at all times. Student to instructor ratio was approximately 2.:1, with 14 students on the line and 6 instructors present.

On the range we performed a series of drills. Each drill was presented and demonstrated, then shot by the students. We shot as a group, and then would have instructors go down the line alternating with sides with individual shooters performing for time. Numerous opportunities for one on one coaching happened during the drills.

One unique aspect of this class was the head instructor, Brett Harnish, videoed (with permission) each student performing a drill, and then replayed this video in slow motion and used a coaching app to analyze the student's performance, reviewing the video with the student. In my case, I clearly saw how I was "casting" my draw, pushing the front of my pistol up and then dropping onto target. I need to work on my presentation to give a flat, push out presentation.

This course is billed as "This class will help you build a more efficient, more effective, and likely quicker draw with a handgun!" and I agree with that assessment.

Gear that I used: PSA Dagger with AIMSurplus slide, Holosun 407 RDS, Skullhead Arms strong side holster, G-Code Scorpion pistol mag pouches and a Kore gunbelt. Round count was somewhere between 200 and 250 rounds. I shot Belom 124 gr FMJ during this class. This finished off the second case of Belom 9x19 for me this year, relatively clean shooting, accurate and reliable ammo.

I have taken previous classes with JDC, and this class was every bit as good as my previous experiences. All instructors were obviously very skilled, professional and interested in providing coaching and answering questions.