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Thread: Tragic loss at Hogue Knives

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    Tragic loss at Hogue Knives

    Hogue Knives, out of Henderson, Nevada, lost one of founder Guy Hogue’s sons, Aaron today at the Reno Air Races. Aaron was flying an L29 in the final Gold Cup jet match. Three laps into the heat, his jet suddenly veered off course and down into the ground. It was over in an instant. I was there and witnessed the terrible fireball. My deepest condolences go out to the Hogue family in this difficult time…

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    I saw that, and was very saddened.

    Please pass on my condolences.

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    If anyone is interested, here’s a very detailed opinion from a very knowledgeable pilot, with close up pictures and diagrams, of what most likely caused the crash. It’s called g lock, and if true, the FAA will require the jet class pilots to wear g suits going forward…

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    Damn, RIP.

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    A sad loss.

    For what it's worth, I thought Hogue had it's roots on the Central Coast in California. They're a big supporter of the shooting sports in the area, and have a brick and mortar store in Paso Robles.

    ETA: I've now seen a couple of news articles that say Aaron lived in Paso Robles. It doesn't change the outcome, but the shooting community in the area has always been proud that Hogue has a strong presence in the area.

    RIP Aaron. He obviously died doing what he loved.
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