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Thread: Hunting pictures thread (possibly gory)

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    Nothing cool like GJM's Moose, but a 7 pointer I got a couple years ago.

    First deer with my daughter.

    9 pointer I hit at a trot from 125 yards out.

    2nd deer with my daughter during a Father/ Daughter hunt I do with some buddies.

    Frozen in Arkansas.

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    I don't really consider it "hunting" as there is really no skill, other than basic marksmanship required. But, it results in dead animals, so I guess it technically qualifies.

    Her first, age 30 something........

    His first, age 1 year, 364 days.......nephew

    Master/Blaster (Nephew and his dad)
    You can get much more of what you want with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Ralston View Post
    I never realized that VA was so flat and desolate...
    Family ranch near Douglas WY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean M View Post
    Master/Blaster (Nephew and his dad)
    This photo is my favorite!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    As long as we are sharing pictures, here are two from our second sheep hunt this August to the Brooks Range. We climbed on top of a mountain to hunt down on three rams, got caught by weather, camped on top and were greeted by snow on the morning of August 26th.
    Dude, it's like you're the anti-me.

    The only hunting I'll do on vacation this year will be mosquitos and dinner reservations:

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    Yeah, but we had our reasons for climbing on top of that mountain, north of the Arctic Circle in the Brooks Range -- as said previously, searching for the elusive Gadget, but also fitness training for the AFHS class next weekend in ABQ.

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    Well played. Very well played.

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    My brother with some animals taken at the family ranch in Wyoming.

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    2012 mule deer public land opening day in Wyoming yesterday.

    Here is my oldest boy (17) with his best deer to date. I dropped him and his littlest brother off to hunt one end of the section we hunt while I took my other boy(12) to the other end. His first deer without dad's help.

    Here is the buck my 12 year old shot- his first day hunting with his own license, first deer ever.

    Very proud of my boys!

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    Pure awesome man! Congrats to the boys. I can see your smile all the way down here in Texas.

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