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Thread: I finally found perfection... almost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duelist View Post
    Stretch 2. Great knife, VG10 steel, flat ground and similar profile to L-Rís blade.
    I handled a Stretch 2 in a store today and really liked the handle and blade, so I bought it.

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    So here is another one that is a little different.

    I am not a "Knife guy" but I like this one quite a bit, as it is simply a very practical, lightweight knife that is just the right size, with a handle that feels good. It gets used pretty often for day to day stuff. It was designed by Blackie Collins from what I understand. Certainly not a "Cool Guy" big name knife, like a Chris Reeves, but I would have no issue quartering up an elk with it, then opening cardboard boxes the next day.

    It is a Gerber Bolt Action.

    They were made for a short period of time in the early/mid 90s. American made, and very easy to keep sharp. It only weighs 2.5 oz, and locks up very tight.

    Not a quick opening design, and not one I would carry if I wanted a knife as a back up weapon, but for day to day chores, it is a pretty darn nice knife. As a bonus I picked it up used at a ridiculously low price.

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    Blackie Collins used to be one of *the* cool guy knife designers.

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    In doing some reading up on the Gerber Bolt Action, I found that the design is older than I thought. It looks like it was an 80s knife. There were two versions, with the one I have being the original. The second version was a hunter that had more of a drop point blade that would be closer to a skinning type. It appears that the Bolt Action pre-dates the Gerber LST.

    I always thought the Gerber LST was a very neat little pocket knife.

    Blackie Collins was working with Pete Gerber at the time so he did not get paid royalties on the Bolt Action design. Instead, he was paid off with a new Corvette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost River View Post
    I always thought the Gerber LST was a very neat little pocket knife.
    We used to get issued LSTs, (large and small), and the occasional Swiss Army Knife (Victorinox) back in the 80's. I still have a couple of them around here.
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    Iím trying to find these Blade-Techs in stock from a known seller. Are they discontinued?

    Edit: disregard, seem to no longer be in production, back to thinking about the Benchmade TaggedOut.
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    Iíve had the littlest Gerber LST on my key ring for many years. I think I have one or two still in the packaging in case I lose one.

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