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Thread: Have you ever bought a gun because you had an unused accessory for it?

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    Have you ever bought a gun because you had an unused accessory for it?

    A year ago I ordered a Salvo K suppressor…

    But the only available mounts were for a KSG shotgun…

    So I bought a KSG shotgun. And waited.

    Got an email from Silencershop that the suppressor was discontinued and they canceled my order.

    Was left with a shotgun I didn’t want / need…

    Searched online for new old stock Salvos and found one in Nashville at a modest markup.

    So here we are… ordered a suppressor for a shotgun that I ordered for a suppressor…

    Anyone else want to share stories of the “well, I had to!”
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    Had several Glock mags from trades and barter that had been sitting around. Purchased a PSA Dagger lower, Zev optic cut slide, and RMR to dip my toes into the Carry Optics world.

    Now I've sent my P2000sk off to be milled.....

    I'd estimate those mags cost me several thousand.

    Also, friend gave me a SiCo ASR mount. I purchased a rifle to put it on. Now I need a suppressor.
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    Away, away, away, down.......
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    I had reloading gear and components for a .41 mag Ruger Blackhawk that I sent down the river.

    So I bought a Smith and Wesson model 57 to replace it.

    Hey man, 41 ammo aint cheap

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    Came upon a Sig 229 mag loaded with GD 357sig. I think it was 12 rounds. Bought a, new release at the time, SW M&P 357sig.

    Didn't hurt that the store was running a special. $375 for the gun. Extra mags were $20 and boxes of Lawman 357 were $20/ea.

    Unfortunately that gun was the bad batch gun. Major extraction problems. It was about as fast as shooting a musket.

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    No but I almost bought a VFG for an Uzi figuring that if I had the VFG, I'd have to buy the Uzi.
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    I’ve been close but I don’t think I’ve actually done so. Yet.

    I do have a 50 round box of .17HMR and a partial box of .32-20 that occasionally whisper to me about buying something in those calibers. I can order a Chiappa single action in .17 HMR that would cost me $275 all in. If I order one it might rank as one my stupidest gun buys of all time but I’m still tempted…
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    I traded for a couple of AR-10 magazines that are continuing to taunt me.
    So far I have been able to stay strong, since I have only like $30 worth of magazines for a gun that would cost at least a couple grand by the time you bolted an optic onto it.

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    Not due to an accessory, but I did buy a S&W 629 a couple of months ago because I found @ 250 rnds. of 240gr. handloads while going through my dad's gun stuff earlier this year.

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    I once built an AR10 because I had an extra .308 flash hider.

    Currently I have one more .30 caliber silencer than I have .30 caliber host guns, so I'm trying to figure out what rifle to buy for it.

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