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Thread: Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

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    Boris Johnson is the great orator of our time, and IMHO one of the greatest in history. Whatever you think of him otherwise (I happen to really like the guy).

    This is a signal example of great oratory, and in the first minute captures what I, an American Revolutionary, was feeling yesterday - an inexplicable, deep sadness over the passing of a 96-year-old foreign monarch. Well worth listening to the whole thing.

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    As Boris Johnson described.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vcdgrips View Post
    MSA's point is extremely well taken.

    Charles, right, wrong or indifferent, and despite his service, both in and out of uniform, is damaged goods relative to his son -William.

    Charles III should publicly state that he intends to caretake for a very limited time (1 year ? ) and cede the throne to his son who can only hope to grow into the role.

    PS- IMHO -Harry gets a wide berth because he has reportedly served honorably in combat on multiple occasions. I am hopeful that his Grandmother's death is an impetus of family healing, particularly with his brother.

    How much different would the world be if all sons of the powerful still served?
    If Charles III chooses to do this, I hope he skips the full coronation ceremony - they are horrendously expensive, and I believe something the government pays.

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    This article does a much better job of articulating what I admired about her than I ever could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanye Wyoming View Post
    Boris Johnson is the great orator of our time, and IMHO one of the greatest in history. Whatever you think of him otherwise (I happen to really like the guy).
    Slightly off topic. This is what made me fall in love with BoJo. Absolutely brilliant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie B View Post
    I can also imagine her meeting up with Queens Elizabeth I and Victoria for tea.
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    A life most well-lived. Let us be thankful for her service. Let us rejoice that such a woman lived.
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    I read a book called War Doctor how a surgeon who had seen many horrors in many war zones was invited to to dine with the queen. He was quite traumatized by what he had seen and during the dinner for what ever reason he lost it. He was just barely maintaining his composure as she asked what he did during the course of normal conversation.

    She saw him struggling. Called a footman over with dog treats. And they both fed the dog under the table as she said something about how talk is sometimes unnecessary.

    Her clear empathy and compassion and grace in this situation made me a fan ever since. I will try to find the passage if I can because it was profound.

    She asked where he came from? Aleppo
    She asked: and how was that? And it caused a spiral of memories.

    The doctor recounted how the queen had helped him overcome a PTSD episode when he met the royal monarch at the Buckingham Palace in 2014. He recalled that he was speaking with the queen when he had the PTSD attack, and was suddenly unable to talk. "I didn't know what to say to her. It wasn't that I didn't want to speak to her – I just couldn't,” he explained.Dr. Nott said that the queen “must have detected something significant” and offered to help him. He shared how the palace courtiers suddenly brought the queen’s corgis into the room. The surgeon also mentioned the queen asking one courtier to open the lid to a container that had biscuits inside it. “[The queen] got one of the biscuits and broke it into two and said, 'Okay, why don’t we feed the dogs?'” Dr. Nott said.
    The war doctor also revealed that he and the queen fed the royal monarch’s pet dogs for 20 minutes. He admitted that he was “seriously traumatized” given his PTSD attack at that time and commented on how the queen helped him because she knew about his condition. “She picked all this up ... You know, the humanity of what she was doing was unbelievable,” Dr. Nott said.”

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    I'm been thinking about this a fair bit.

    In 1991, I had gotten out of the Marine Corps, and was working for the Boy Scouts of America in Dallas, Texas. Queen Elizabeth and Price Phillip made a trip to Texas, and one of their stops was in Dallas.

    My task was to organize an honor guard of Eagle Scouts to help greet Her Majesty at Love Field. I was standing next to the British Consul, in the very long line of the reception party.

    A protester in the crowd pulled out a banner from under his jacket, and started yelling. As you can imagine, everyone became more than a little worried. "Oh shit, Dallas, head of state, dear sweet baby Jebus please no not again oh Mother of God...."

    Several Dallas Police officers very quickly but firmly determined he was not a threat, and hustled him safely away. I literally started breathing again, and turned to the Consul to blurt out the first words that came into my brain: "Holy shit, I am so sorry, that scared the crap out of me!"

    He just smiled and said "Oh, don't worry. Her Majesty has been treated much worse by much better people." The tension was immediately broken, and the group nearest us chuckled.That really embodies all the encounters I had the the British military over the years. A cool quiet style and pleasant to be around.

    The Queen was very kind to everyone that day. A local chef named Dean Fearing cooked dinner for her that night, and I got to talk to him about it many years later. He said she was very gracious to him and his staff.

    I would make a very unruly subject, like most Texans I know. I'll never be under a monarchy, it's not in me to do so. But she was a very nice lady, and was really nice to people I care about.

    I like Prince William. I really liked Harry back when he was single, and think he did a great job as a JTAC in Afghanistan. Sadly, he is learning first-hand about that crazy/hot matrix thing when it comes to women. I hope that all works out for him - decent officers are rare.

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    Many here have admirably shown the ability to separate the person from the office/position/status which she had not sought. Campaigned for. Earned. Whatever.

    But she was a truly remarkable person. And all personal accounts I have read have supported that.

    "Duncan Falconer" in the last few chapters of his autobiography tells a very amusing story of two SBS snipers being picked up by a helo pilot who took them to tea. (Hint, Prince Andrew was a RAF Helo pilot..) Also some very good stories from 14 Int.

    I was shopping yesterday, and my car radio is almost always on talk stations. Bongino was on as I pulled into the local Sam Walton joint.
    Skip to 5:20 for the intro and 5:30 for the actual video/story.


    ETA: dunno why it didn't embed. The two things I tried to fix it failed. @LittleLebowski. Worth the watch, I promise.
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